Claw Scratch Cut SFX Makeup

Today I’m showing you my Claw Scratch Cut SFX Makeup Tutorial. I used my new Sigma Beauty SFX brush kit plus the 3D transfer scar and a few Sigma Beauty makeup products which came with the kit. This was the easiest SFX makeup tutorial I ever made. This  was pretty easy to apply, while it was hard to take off. I did explain at the end of the video how to take it off. The 3D transfer scar did irritate my skin, not sure why? Maybe I was tugging it off to hard. But in the end, I had to use something oil based to be able to remove the residue even though alcohol was recommended.

Claw Scratch Cut SFX Makeup & 3D transfer s

I do agree with the info in the booklet to not apply this 3D transfer scar on the face. It’s very aggressive on the skin and can cause irritation, especially because you are applying alcohol on your skin. I hope that you enjoy this very easy and simple Claw Scratch Cut SFX Makeup Tutorial. I have reviewed the limited edition Sigma Beauty SFX brush kit so make sure to check that out and find out if it’s really worth it so that you can buy it while you can still get it. Remember, once this brush kit sells out, it’s gone for good. If you enjoyed this tutorial, make sure to check out my other very realistic and 3D scars, such as my very popular and most loved 3D pop eye sfx makeup tutorial.