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6 Ways To Make Beauty Blogging Less Time Consuming

Beauty Blogging is time consuming

If you just started blogging, then you do know that beauty blogging is very time consuming. It takes a special kind of many to be self organized. To some it comes naturally, but to most we love deadlines. When it comes to blogging the majority of people see it as a hobby and it is usually a hobby. This is why it is very hard to get organized and this is why it’s usually seen as something fun but very time consuming. I will be writing a blog post on how to organize your time so that you get on a simple and easy blogging schedule. I have done it many times and have also changed it many times. Here are a few blog tips which might come in handy and which have been passed down to me by other bigger beauty blogger.

6 ways to make beauty blogging less time consuming

Today I show you 6 ways to make beauty blogging less time consuming. These a re a few simple and yet very helpful tips which everyone will agree with. The problem will fall down to you, will you be able to implement them in your everyday routine.

1. Get organized

As I wrote above, I do recommend making a schedule and sticking to it. Blogging should be fun but when it becomes time consuming then it becomes everything but fun. Getting a steady schedule that you follow will not only help your readers know when and what you are blogging but it will help you get more organized and not waste time wondering what you are blogging about.

2. Lists, lists and more lists

If you are a non-planner blogger then lists are your best friend. Write down what you want to write about and then just write down what day you want to write about it. This will cut down your thinking time about what to write about.  I usually keep all my ideas in a notepad and then just cross off the ideas that I do.

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3. Delegate your time

One day when your blog becomes really big and you get a large number of comments, responses and messages, it’s impšortant to keep up with all of that. It can get overwhelming and become discouraging, you fans get angry because they feel you are ignoring them and then your readership starts to fall. Blogger fans love communication, I know that I respond to almost all of my readers if the answer hasn’t already been answered. Until you reach that point, I don’t recommend stressing it, but I do leave days when I read all my comments, reply and then go back to the other blogs and read their and comment on their blogs. Blogging is a community, not communication means no blog.

4. Keep it short

Ok, some time ago, people believed you were required to be a journalist to be a blogger, I actually have met journalists that do not like bloggers because they felt their job was in danger. I cannot tell you how loud I laughed in their face. Blogs should keep their blog posts short. No one has the time to read over 800 word articles, or less.

5. Outsource your content

It’s important to share your content as much as possible but without spamming the internet, because google will block you. When you crowd source, you can bring in new readers and keep your current readers interested, win-win situation.

6. Typing speed & proofreading

The speed that you write in will help you get the post done and over with. It’s also important that you have a spellcheck program that will help you avoid proofreading your article. If you want to proofread your article, then just read the paragraph after you are done with it and then move on.

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With time, blogging becomes easier and more of a routine. You have to find topics you like to write about, whether they be just reviews or lifestyle topics… etc. Blogging gives you the opportunity to share your opinion with the world in a passive and entertaining way. Teaching yourself to make blogging less time consuming, will help you have more time to do other things in your life, such as working out, spending time with friends and cleaning your house.

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