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You are doing it Wrong – 7 Hair Myths

You are doing it Wrong – 7 Hair Myths

You might have read my previous post You are doing it wrong – 11 makeup myth, nail myths, skincare myths, and found yourself laughing or in shock with a few of the myths. I decided that it was time to continue this kind of article and write up a second of the same topic but different field: You are doing it wrong – 7 hair myths. I know that some of you are doing this because I have to admit I have done them a few times.

Picture by: bizior photography -
Picture by: bizior photography 

1. Change up your shampoo and condition in order to get results – While we all experience that our hair gets “used to a shampoo or conditioner” we aren’t aware that some shampoos and conditions leave residue. The only way to remove this residue is to use a clarifying shampoo. You actually should use one once every two or three weeks.

2. Cutting your hair will make it grow faster – I used to be in shock that my hair would grow out to 1 ½ inches in three months but when I saw that that was normal I was kind of disappointed. Getting your hair cute regularly will only help prevent split end and it will help your hair be healthier it actually will not help your hair grow faster. Bummer, I know!

3. Skip conditioner if you have oily hair – I always wanted to believe this one. But in reality that is not the fact. If you have very oily hair, like I do, then what I do advise is that you use a clarifying shampoo at the root of your hair and a conditioner at the ends and the middle of your hair. Of course it is true that you shouldn’t apply a conditioner on the roots of your hair.

4. You don’t need a protective heat spray if you only flat iron your hair once in a while – I actually believed this until I saw that my once in a while was damaging my hair. Regardless of how often you flat iron your hair (or use any hot tool) you need to use a protective heat spray every time.

5. Split ends can be eliminated with certain products – sorry this is very untrue. The only way to eliminate split ends is to get that hair long awaited hair cut.

6. You hair texture is for life – if you believe that no matter what you do will not affect the texture of your hair, well guess what, you are dead wrong! Hair texture is not set in stone. Your hair root and scalp is very much alive, the rest of your hair is very much dead.  The texture of your hair will depend on your growth cycle, nutrition, stress, age, and medication; this all plays a role in how your hair texture behaves, making it thicker, thinner, or every curly.

7. Mayonnaise and olive oil for deep conditioning – This is actually true for some hair types while for others, such as fine hair, this will actually cause your hair to look greasy and have a negative effect. On the other hand if you have thick hair (what most mediterranean people do) and very dry hair, mayo and olive oil are a cheap alternative for a deep condition treatment, if you apply it the correct way (tutorial coming soon)


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