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What are BB creams?

If you have been stuck with oily skin or dry skin, don’t get all worked up about it since 99% of the women have this issue. If you think that Mother Nature has been really generous with celebrities, think again. It is all makeup. However, you are wondering why after you are done with your whole make up routine, you still do not look like them. Well, it’s simply, because you are not using the right products, or to put it more simply, it is because you haven’t tried BB creams. These tinted facial moisturizers with natural ingredients are extremely popular in Asia, and I can see why. In addition to perfectly evening out your skin, these creams are packed with antioxidants, anti- aging ingredients that only broaden their performance.

Miracle working BB creams

If you want to bedazzle everyone with your clear skin complexion and even skin tone, it is not enough only to put on a BB cream. You will need to prepare your face first, and then treat it with this moisturizer. You can start by cleaning the face with cold water, facial cleanser and Sigma soft facial brush. This will gently exfoliate your face, leaving it ready to absorb the tinted moisturizer. You can apply the BB cream with hands, but it is best if you use the Sigma foundation brush, and you can do this by making circular motions. After the blemish cream is fully absorbed by the skin, you can go on and put on an eyeshadow, most preferably one from the makeup geek pigments. When you are done with this, you must apply little Sigma Beauty Paris Makeup Palette- Peche blush, a small amount of lip-gloss and you are ready to enchant people with your newly found confidence.

Beauty Balms a.k.a. BB creams

BB creams or beauty balms can be found in every major beauty store, and believe me; they are capable of performing a miracle. My personal favorite is the Clinique Age Defense Beauty Balm Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30, which is perfect, absolutely amazing for creating even skin tone. Forget about redness, dark circles and say hello to the porcelain skin doll in the mirror. However, for a complete look, you need a complete makeup, and you can find the best radiant collection with Sigma Beauty. I especially adore their latest collection called Defining Eyes by TiffanyD  as these are the products that can attract the much wanted attention.

How to create the perfect naked makeup look with BB cream

Beauty balm creams are much better than foundation, so when you have found yourself the best beauty balm cream, you might as well throw away all of those expensive foundations and liquid facial make up products. To perfect the natural make up look, all you need to do is put on these magical cream, fortify it with teeny tiny portion of setting powder, little mascara, a blush and you can have the front-cover face you have always coveted. Just one last advice, try to apply the cream with one of the Sigma foundation brushes; it covers it in a much fancier way.

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