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Novexpert The Caramel Cream anti-aging enhancement: Beauty Product Review

NovExpert La Crème Au Caramel makeup review The Caramel Creme anti-age

Noveexpert is relatively a new brand in my book. I got a sample product a few months ago and haven’t had the times to use it. I spoke to a representative of Novexpert and she explained how to use this cream, before I get into that let me tell you a few things about this brand. Novexpert is 100% organic cosmetics with no chemical substances and additives, big hello from me.  This creme is an anti-aging skin enhancement cream. I got the shade #1 – Ivory Radiance that is intended for fair skin. I can say that when I saw the color of the shade I was very doubtful if it would suit my very light skin. Now time for the detail beauty product review of Novexpert The Caramel Cream anti-aging enhancement – Fair skin.

Novexpert The Caramel Cream

Novexpert The Caramel Cream anti-aging enhancement beauty product review will include a short few second video clip lower below in the post where you can see what it looks like in 3D. The tube contains 30 ml with a shelf life of 6 months after opening. It contains anti-aging properties, moisturizes the skin and gives a nice healthy finish. The coverage is very similar to a BB cream, meaning very light coverage, ideal for women with minimum or no flaws. The crème is a thick consistence but blends in fast. The colour is about three times darker than my skin tone but when blended into the skin, the colour adapts to my skin tone. The crème has a very pleasant scent which in my opinion and sensitive nose is light but reminds me of crème brulee.

Novexpert anti-aging enhancement cream

I have read many beauty product review of Novexpert The Caramel Cream anti-aging enhancement, and I can say that there is a trick to this product. When I got this cream the lovely Novexpert lady told me that the best way to use this product was to mix it with another cream. I have been mixing it on a daily base with my SVR Topialyse sensitive emollient crème. I can say that when mixing them, I get an immediate healthy glow completion and my skin gets a more bronzed look right away, probably because I am really pale. Just for your notice, my skin is combination to oily and it is acne prone. This cream (nor the emollient creme) have not caused breakouts. I have used this Novexpert Caramel Cream alone and I found that it works much better for my skin with my SVR emollient crème. Novexpert didn’t cause my skin to look oily and controlled the oils on my skin and even my scary T zone. The crème claims be effective in hiding dark circles, blemishes and wrinkles. I can confirm that my crowfeet are less visible, my blemishes seem a bit lighter but still visible and I never apply creams under my eyes unless they are eye creams so I do not know if it covers dark circles but can conclude that it probably doesn’t fully cover them.

Novexpert The caramel creme La creme au caramel review swatches

Novexpert La crème au caramel beauty product review

Since this Novexpert The Caramel Cream anti-aging enhancement is “tinted”, I can confirm that it hasn’t left any traces on my clothes. The biggest downside of this cream is that it contains no SPF. This is my new day summer “homemade” BB cream but I have to make sure to wear sunscreen under this cream. Over all I can say that this cream is excellent and idea for my light summer “foundation” routine. I will continue to combine and mix it with other foundations and face creams since I love how my skin looks like when I apply it. I think that I managed to mention all that I wanted to if you have any other questions please leave a comment below about this Novexpert The Caramel Cream (la crème au caramel) anti-aging enhancement beauty product review.


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