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You are doing it Wrong – 7 skin care myths (part 1)

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You are doing it Wrong – 7 skin care myths

So you might have read my previous you are doing it wrong posts: 7 nail myths, hair myths, and makeup myths; so this week it’s time for a new myth buster series. Today I am writing a post on skin care myths. Some of you know them while others are new to all of them. So let’s get down to business and see what they are.

1. Olive oil can clog your pores – This is kind of true but yet again a myth. So let me clarify in what way it’s half true. If you love sticking to natural ingredient then this is the best option for removing makeup. Some like to mix it ¼ water and ¾ olive oil while others just use pure olive oil. After you used the olive oil to remove makeup then what it very important is to remove the olive oil off your skin. Olive oil left on the skin can clog the pore. It’s important to clean the skin with a gentle face wash or for drier skin with a clean pad dipped in water.

2. Adult acne is caused by chocolate – to be honest this isn’t a true skin care myth but it’s a myth associated with skin care that I just had to mention. If you eat 60 – 99% cacao chocolate basically you have nothing to worry about, that is the most natural and healthiest for of chocolate. On the other had here are other things, which cause adult acne: hormones, sugar (white and brown), and some nuts (peanuts are well know to cause acne since they are very oily nuts).

3. SPF 30 offers better sun protection than 15 – I got this one wrong until I found this fact online. Sunscreens with SPF 30 offer less then 5% protection than SPF15. The lower SPF in a sunscreen the more you have to apply it. So this means if you are going sailing us a high SPF such as 50 so that you don’t have to reapply a lower SPF every 20 minutes or so.

4. The sun is not as strong as it is during summer – Kind of true, but let me explain. The sun produces short and long UVA and UVB rays. During summer the UVB rays are much stronger, they are the rays that cause sunburns. During winter the UVB rays are weaker this is why only rare people get sunburns during the winter period. During winter UVA rays, which cause cancer and aging skin, are as strong as they are during the summer period. This is why it is recommended to use a smaller or weaker SPF during winter to protect your skin from UVA rays.

5. Tanning beds are safe then the sun – Sadly this one is false. Your skin under a sun tanning bed contains a large amount of UVA rays (more than the sun) that as I noted earlier causes aging and cancer. So get out of tanning salons and stick to the sun.

6. Rich and thick eye creams are better for wrinkles – nope, sorry. I used to believe this one or better said I wanted to believe in this one. It’s better for your crowfeet area that the cream is light and easy to absorb. Eye creams that are rich and greasy contain mineral oil or petrolatum. These two ingredients are absorb quit slowly by the skin what results in a mask effect and can cause breakouts or puffiness around the eye area.

7. Sunscreen causes breakout – In some cases this is true if the sunscreen is to thick and hard for the skin to absorb, but on the other hand the number one reason why the skin breakout is because you didn’t wash your face at the end of the day and remove the sunscreen (which in reality is not a hydrating cream but an invisible mask).

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