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Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer Beauty Product Review

 too faced chocolate bronzer

The new beauty product review item is the Too Face Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer. As the name states in it’s name this is a matte bronzer. Too Faced combines real cocoa powder with their bronzing pigments to create a unique matte bronzer that neutralizes red and evens out and enhances skin tones. The beauty product review, Too Faced Bronzer, has an amazing smell of cocoa that might just leave you hungry for some chocolate or it might just make that man you like was kiss you since you have this enchanting smell of chocolate. . Your skin will be left with a flawless finish, a gorgeous radiance, and a subtly sweet short term scent of chocolate. Let’s put this beauty product review to the test.

Too faced bronzer
My thoughts 

beauty product review pros

This beauty product review has a very delicious chocolate scent bronzer with excellent  texture. The texture of the bronzer is soft but I have noticed any fallouts when picking up the product with a bronzer brush. The bronzer isn’t powdery, cakey or too sheer. It’s very pigmented so it will last you for a long time. The packing of the beauty product review comes with a mirror and you get a big quantity of the bronzer.  You get a very generous 10 grams of product. The good thing about this bronzer is that you do not an orangey shade or undertone of this bronzer. The other pro would be that this really is a true matte bronze which means you can use it all over your face. The beauty product review bronzer  is also buildable.

Too faced bronzer

 beauty product review cons

You might not like this beauty product review Too Faced Chocolate soleil metter bronzing powder if you do not like bronzers which contain sweet or floral scents, even thought the scent does not last long. The bronzer is considered to be a high end beauty product that might not be for everyones pocket, since it might be to expensive for 10 grams for some.  You also might not like this beauty product review if you are not looking for a true matte bronzer or a bronzer that is more on the “brown” tones than orange or red. Overall this Too Faced bronzer doesn’t have many flaws in my opinion. I personally love and hate the cocoa smell. I stopped using it since it just smells to good and I was always hungry when I used it. I found myself reaching for a chocolate bar whenever I would use this product. So that would probably be the biggest con when it comes to this Too Faced beauty product review bronzer.

Beauty product review

The beauty product review is complete and I highly do recommend this product. I think that this bronzer is perfect and has the ideal undertone and shade for some skin shades. The bronzer is a well-balanced matte bronzer that does not have an orangey finish. the beauty product review contains 10 grams of product in a well packaged container that is easily portable in a purse or clutch. The product is excellent pigmented so you don’t need to much of the product to get the best result. The biggest cons would be that it has minor falls out and it has a chocolate scent but on the plus side the scent doesn’t last long and it doesn’t smell as cheap perfume. The beauty product review is on the more expensive side what is the biggest con.

too faced bronzer


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