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Essence Sun Club Bronzer beauty product review

Essence Sun Club Bronzer

Essence Sun Club Bronzer beauty product review is a a summer 2010 collection that came out this summer, again, on the Croatian market. Today I will be reviewing 01 delight fully delicious.  The Essence Sun Club Bronzer, is available in 2 shades 01 Delight fully delicious (pic above) and in shade 02 Deliciously tanned. I bought Essence Sun Club Bronzer beauty product review item since it reminded me of Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer, and there was a tester on the counter and I really loved the pigmentation and pearl effect. The product didn’t seem to glittery, like most cheaper brand bronzers tend to be. I will be writing a few more beauty product reviews of bronzers soon.

Beauty product review Sun Club Bronzer

Beauty product review Sun Club Bronzer shade #1 is really beautiful. I didn’t want to buy #2 since it would have been to dark for my pale skin, even if I got a tan! I really wanted a bronzer that would give my summer tan a boost and I think I found it. The texture of the product is soft but not too soft. The Beauty product review Sun Club Bronzer does have fall out when dabbing a brush into it, but this is because of it’s soft texture. The  has a high color payoff is very high. One sweep and you already have enough product for that subtle summer glow, two or three you get a “bronzer blush” effect. Overall it gives you nice glowy skin when using it. Be careful not to apply to much, for you might of the Beauty product review Sun Club Bronzer look like a golden statue.

Essence sun club bronzer 2010

Who might like Beauty product review product

This Beauty product review Sun Club Bronzer will be liked by anyone that wants a golden pearly finish on their face or cheeks. This bronzer does not have a noticeable glitter but it rather has a soft texture and a dewiness to the bronzer. The bronzer that is build-able but yet affordable. An affordable Bronzer but yet well pigmented and with a pleasant smell. The Beauty product review Sun Club that blends with ease and that is available in most drug store. This bronzer comes in a very small yet practical and easily transported bronzer case, or better said it’S easily carried in a purse or clutch. The best hing about this bronzer is that it does not have the orangy undertone that most drug store brands do have. I do see Essence as being one of the best drug store brands. the majority of Essence products that I have bought have excessed my expectation. This is a completed Beauty product review Sun Club Bronzer.

Who might not like Beauty product review product

You might not like this Beauty product review Sun Club Bronzer if you do not like any kind of dewiness or if you are looking into finding a matte bronzer. The this bronzer is not for you  if you are a person that doesn’t like Limited Edition makeup shopping. This Beauty product review Sun Club Bronzer was a limited edition of 2011 and it is probably not available at the moment to the majority of people.  If you do not like very pigmented bronzers or fall outs than this one is not for you. I would then recommend to read my NXY Tango with bronze powder, which is much more sheer than this one and still has a really nice glow to it when applying it. This completes the Beauty product review Sun Club Bronzer. 

Essence sun club swatches

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