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Minjae Lee Artist Inspired Makeup

Minjae Lee Artist Inspired Halloween Makeup

Since Halloween is around the corner I get inspired a lot. Here is my latest piece of work Minjae Lee Artist Inspired Makeup. I didn’t want to recreated one of his looks but rather I wanted to create my own version of Minjae Lee Paintings. This makeup was fully inspired by Minjae Lee Art. I am a huge fan of this work. I will first show you below the pictures which inspired my Minjae Lee Inspired Makeup Look, after which I will show you the face chart and then a few pictures of the final Minjae Lee Artist Inspired Makeup. 

Minjae Lee Painting

Minjae Lee Inspired Makeup

I wanted to keep this simple so the makeup which I used was quit simple

Minjae Lee is an Artist, Professional and works on Traditional Art. Her is from South Korea and was born 1989. you can see all of his art and work at grenomj.com

Minjae Lee Makeup

Minjae Lee Makeup Tutorial

Minjae Lee Make-up

Minjae Lee Artist Picture

Minjae Lee Makeup

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