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Lush Emotional Brilliance POWER Lipstick Review & Swatches

Lush Emotional Brilliance POWER Lipstick Review & Swatches is here. I wanted to focus on each one individually even though the reviews might not be as long as the first review of Lush Emotional Brilliance Secure feeling eyeliner review. This review of Lush Emotional Brilliance power liquid lipstick, will be much shorter and it will get to the point faster since in the other review I was giving a lot of information concerning this whole collection. I have written a special post focusing on the while Lush Emotional Brilliance makeup collection.

Lush Emotional Brilliance Power Lipstick Swatches

The Lush Emotional Brilliance Power Lipstick is a red & golden undertone lipstick. This is why I liked the color. I for some reason am not attracted to pure red shades, but love all shades that have an golden undertone or shine. The Lush Emotional Brilliance power lipstick, come in a small glass tube, which looks like, it was made in at the chemist. The applicator is a very simple lip applicator. Sadly I pulled out the applicator and the applicator broke the second time I used it. Now is this a factory or human error, I do not know. Besides that I find this to be a very smooth and well-pigmented lipstick. I really love this shade.


Lush Emotional Brilliance Power Lipstick

More information on the Lush Emotional Brilliance Power Lipstick , the lipstick is very vibrant, as I wrote above and evenly distributes with even one application. Sadly I only tried it once so I do not know what happens when you apply it twice or more. After that I had to use a mini lip brush to use the Lush Emotional Brilliance Power Lipstick. The lipstick leaves a soft matte finish what is perfect for say wear. The lipstick contains jojoba oil what is very good since jojoba oil hydrates and moisturizes skin plus it also helps the lips absorb the lipstick really quickly! More things to know before buying this product: might be hard to reach the bottom of the bottle with the applicator and for some it might be expensive even though you get 5ml


  • jojoba oil
  • hydrating & moisturizing
  • vibrant color
  • goes on smooth
  • 5ml of products
  • simple applicator
  • natural ingredient
  • applicator might break easily
  • After use up more than half, might have a hard time reaching the rest of the product
  • expensive, for some

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Do you have any of the Lush Brilliance Lipstick? Will you be buying one? Which one?




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