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How To Find and Use Images On Your Blog

We have already covered a few very basic blogger tips which any newbie would love to know. Now I am going to write about images. I already wrote a post on how to get the best possible photos for your blog, how to take the pictures, edit…etc. Now I wanted to write about how to find and use images on your blog without infringing someone’s copyright or even trademark. 

It’s very important that every blog uses at least one picture in their post. You might ask why are images (photos) important? Well here are just a few reasons as to why I think they are important based on my years of blogging.

  • to break up the sea of text.
  • keep the reader interested so a long text doesn’t wear them out.
  • to straighten facts, arguments and opinions.
  • hold people’s attention.
  • make a post memorable.
  • to spark interest in the topic.
  • to see what is being described.
  • drive traffic to your site.

There are many other reasons, but there are just a few. You might have read the last reason and asked how is this possible? Since Google is always changing it’s algorithm, images can have a big influence in Google search. If you are reviewing a product and post a image, that image might pop under the image section of Google search. Just think about it, when you search for example, Sigma Beauty lip vex swatches, you will click on the images to see what images are most appealing to you and then click that post. Sometimes an image has more power than the title or article. You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

How To Find and Use Images On Your Blog

How To Find and Use Images On Your Blog

It’s important to know How To Find and Use Images On Your Blog. You cannot just go online and take any image you like. Behaving like that will get you into a legal mess over intellectual property infringement. I will write below a few methods on how to find images online that you can use without getting into any legal issues.

1. Your own images

If you really want to be 100% certain you are not doing any copyright infringements, then this is the safest way. In order to take your own images you do not need to be a photographer and it will give the site uniqueness and personality. It will take you five times longer to get the image you want, edit..etc. But at least you know this is your image and no one can claim differently. I also advise you watermark your images, I have written an entire article as to why I recommend this and how to do it.

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2.  Google Image Search

As I wrote earlier, people that look for swatches or reviews, tend to first look at images on google. Back in 2010 – 2014, people would just take any old picture they found in google image search and use it on their blog. This opened so many legal issues and so many people ended up with a fine or worse, their website or blog closed. People thought it was enough to just backlink to where they found the image, but it is not enough. You have to get written permission in order to use someone’s image. As soon as you publish an image online it’s considered legally to be under copyright of the photographer. In short, do not take images from Google image search, period! 

Google explained on their help page why this is so:

“The images displayed in a Google Image Search may be protected by copyright, so we can’t grant you the right to use them for any purpose other than viewing them on the web. If you’d like to use images from our image search, we suggest contacting the site’s webmaster to obtain permission.”

Even Google is telling you to not use any image under their image search option.


Flickr used to be a cool, place. Still is for people that are looking for images but not sure about photographers. I used to use Flickr and then when they told me I couldn’t watermark my images, I left them for good. Flickr offers billions of different images and photos which you can use on your website. But of course there is a catch. Flickr images are broken into two categories: Copyrighted or Creative Commons License. When you check what those licenses mean, you will be able to see how and in what manner you can use the images. Images which are copyrighted cannot be used without written permission. While Creative Commons License, has a wide range of rules which you MUST stick to. These rules were set by the photographer and if you stick to the rules you can use the images on your blog. To avoid a lengthy post, it is best to find an image you want to use and then make sure to check the license and see if and how you can use it.

Also, when using Flickr, you can maximize your search options by using their advanced search engine where you can click to only video C.C. pictures (pictures which are not copyrighted).

Find and Use FREE Images On Your Blog

Royalty Free Images

You can also purchase images on websites such as Stock ImagesiStockPhoto and others. These images are royalty-free and can be used and reused for commercial use but they do require a small payment so that you can use the images.

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Free Images

There are also website, such as Stock Xchng, that offer free images but they too have Creative Common licenses and rules for each image just like Flickr. These sites has a solid database and offer a decent images for free. Before you use any image, make sure to check the licensing form. You have to stick to them life your blog depends on it, because it very much does.

How To Find and Use Images On Your Blog

I hope that from my post, How To Find and Use Images On Your Blog, you learned that you do not need to take a photo every time you are writing a post. You can also use other images from online, but never from google search images but rather from professional websites that offer that kind of service. I hope that this blogger tip tuesday was helpful and that you learned something new.

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