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My Week In Instagram Pictures

My Week In Instagram Pictures

My Week In Instagram Pictures

I know, I know I said I wasn’t going to post during the weekends and I will keep this to a minimum but I have seen recent post with my week in instagram pictures and wanted to jump on that wagon and decided to do my own post. So here it is, with no long commentary, my week in my instagram pictures. Oh and make sure to follow me on my instagram page, I usually post my everyday life pictures and makeup and beauty pictures.

My Week In Instagram Pictures

Selfie of my everyday makeup look

My Latest Video The Conjuring Annabelle The Doll Makeup Tutorial 

This amazing handmade organic free trade chocolate that I bought which will be mentioned in my upcoming September Favorites video 2013

My Sneak Peak Video of my favorite TV Series American Horror Story Coven – Witch Makeup Tutorial Halloween 2013

My most loved two items of the week: Dr. Pepper and Reese’s Pieces mmmmmm life can’t get better than this

Last but not least, again will be mentioned in my upcoming video, The Walking Dead Board Game.. amazing

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