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The Brush Guard Makeup Review

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Today’s makeup review is a product that I have been postponing for a while, The Brush Guard. I think back in 2009/2010 everyone and their mother’s mother was talking about this on YouTube, so I bought myself a few of these brush guards. I have been using them since then. I was going to write a makeup review of the brush guard as soon as I got them but then more interesting products come along and put aside some products to review for another time. I wanted to write about this product now since I am going to demonstrate how to use it in my How to wash makeup brushes tutorial. This is one of the recommended products.

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The Brush Guard Product Details

The brush guard makeup review will be short since there isn’t much to say about a product like this. Let me first tell you what the site claims. The brush guard is a “guard” for your brushes after you wash them. They help you reshape and protect your brushes. You can use them to protect your brushes when traveling so that the bristles do not get deformed when transporting them in your makeup kit. Now that is a pretty simple description (not a quote from the website). The current price of the brush guard is $5.50 what is 50 cents more than what it was when it first appeared online. You can choose from 4 different sets XS, S, M and L and you get a 5 of the brush guards in your set.

The Brush Guard Makeup Review Pros & Cons

Looking at the brush guard today and how much I have used it, what do I have to “say” about it? Am I impressed with it as when I bought it back almost two years ago? Well to be honest, I am. This is one of those products that I have to admit is a must have for professional makeup artist. I you want to keep or better said re-shape your makeup brushes back to the original shape then these you really should invest in the brush guard. Now to mention in this makeup review, when I travel I have used the brush guard to protect my makeup brushes or better said the bristles and I did store them in my makeup bag, but to be really honest it didn’t work very well. It did protect my brushes but the brush guard did move up and down on the makeup brush what resulted in bristles popping out of the brush guard and the bristles getting deformed. When I reached my destination, I did remove the brush guard and then reapplied it on my brushes to reshape the bristles back to their original shape.

The Brush Guard Makeup Review Summary

I wanted to mention that I truly think this is a good investment. I have also been informed that you have some “dupes” or copies of the brush guard on e-bay but I cannot guarantee that they will work as well or even as close as well as the original brush guard. To complete this makeup review of the brush guard, I want to say even though the price is a bit steep I believe that this is still a very good investment. The material is sturdy what has resulted in the products standing against wear and tear and even time. I am very pleased that I invested in the brush guard since it really has helped me keep my bristles in shape and my brushes looking brand new!


  • works 
  • practical
  • very sturdy
  • long lasting
  • good investment


  • price
  • online shopping (for some)
  • moves when placed on a brush in a makeup bag


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