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Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Best Hair and Makeup

Best Of Beauty Emmy Awards 2013

Last night it was the 65th Emmy Awards 2013 and its time to judge the best of beauty on the red carpet. Make sure to check out my article with the best-dressed Emmy Awards 2013 you might be surprised as to whom I defined as best dressed. Before that let’s not focus on the best hair and makeup of the red carpet on the Emmy Awards 2013. Here are most beautiful featuring my top three favorites and after that in no particular order. Leave a comment below telling me if you want me to recreate in a makeup tutorial one of the Emmy Awards 2013 makeup looks.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty: Best Hair and Makeup

The first top three beauties of the Emmy Awards 2013 are in this order: Taylor Schilling, January Jones and Kaley Cuoco. Kaley Cuoco has beautiful hair while her makeup was very dramatic but in my opinion in a good way. The warm purple tones made her eyes really stand out and have her a more mystical look. January Jones looked so 1920 glamorous with her beautiful hair and makeup. When you look at Taylor and you can see that her makeup is very up to date and trendy. Her warm eye shadows and brick red lips compliment her skin tone; hair and entire outfit making her seem like an angel walking on the red carpet. Since I couldn’t decided between Taylor and January, I decided that they both had this years best hair and makeup for the Emmy Awards 2013, Congrats Taylor Schilling and January Jones.

Emmy Awards 2013 Best Beauty

Emmy Awards 2013: Best Hair and Makeup

The next top three beauties of Emmy Awards 2013 are in this order: Kerry Washington, Padma Akshmi and Christina Hendricks. All three had makeup and hair the best suited them. I personally loved Padma’s makeup since I love metallic makeup and honestly believe it does not suit everyone, but on her it looks like it was made for her. Christina kept her mad men appears which suits her amazingly and love lover her curls. While Kerry went all natural and enhanced her natural beauty.

Emmy Awards 2013 Hair Makeup Beauty

The next three beauties of the Emmy Awards 2013 are in this order: Jane Krakowski, Elisabeth Moss and Emily Deschanel. I personally love how Elisabeth wore that orange-red lipstick and her fun and flirty hairdo, Emily had that pop of pink on her lips, which complimented her entire outfit, and Jane Krakowski kept it simple and neat to emphasize her youthfulness and to flash her dress and beautiful turquoise earrings.

Emmy Awards 2013 Best Of Beauty Hair

Emmy Awards 2013: Hair and Makeup

The next three beauties of the Emmy Awards 2013 are: Sofia Vergara, Rose Byrne and Kate Mara. Kate Mara had this very different hairdo which caught my eye but since her dress was very noticeable I love how her hair and makeup were complimenting and toned down so that it enhanced her natural beauty. Sofia Vergara went classic with her makeup, I am not a big fan of her hair to be honest, I think it could have been more relaxed and it would have complimented her face and dress better. Last but not the least, the beautiful Rose Byrne. The makeup is to timeless and the hair is to die for. The hair and makeup complimented not only her natural beauty features but also her dress.

Emmy Awards 2013 Beauty

The last group of beauties on the red carpet of Emmy Awards 2013 is: Juliana Hough, Sarah Hyland and Anna Faris. Sarah went all vampy and to be honest that in my opinion was very last year but it suited her like a glove to a hand. She looked very 1920s and the overall look, hair, makeup, dress and accessories complimented each other to enhance her natural timeless beauty. Juliana Hough looks beautiful, very laid back yet put together. Her eye makeup looked beautiful and complimented her eyes and made them really stand out. Anna Faris, I had a hard time deciding if I liked this look to be honest. I think that the hair is very 1920s, kind of a pop-art hairdo to be honest, but since her dress is so yellow, canary yellow the hair and makeup really do go all together. I love how she did the dramatic eyeliner but I think the lipstick was a miss; a brighter or deeper red would have been a better option.

Please leave a comment with your favorite makeup looks from the Emmy Awards 2013 red carpet makeup and hair looks and which one you want me to recreate.

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