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How to deep clean / wash your makeup brushes & take care of them

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If you use makeup brushes then by now you know how to deep clean (wash) your makeup brushes and take care of them. If you didn’t know, makeup brushes are the perfect place for yucky bacteria to live and grow, so this is why it’s very important for you to keep your brushes squeaky clean. Depending on how much you use them, it’s important to give them a good deep cleaning at least once or twice a month. You really don’t want to transfer those evil bacteria onto your pretty face. If you are struggling with acne and use makeup brushes, then this is a must do.

How to deep clean your makeup brushes

There are many ways on how to deep clean (wash) your makeup brushes and take care of them. I will be demonstrating two different ways how I do them. Recently Sigma Beauty sent me a PR sample, their latest product the Sigma Beauty Brush Cleaning Glove and I was glad to test it out and write my honest opinion and compare it to my normal deep cleaning method, my hand. I also wanted to test out my new soap that I bought as a recommendation from my fellow makeup artist friends; to keep my makeup brushes bristles clean and soft. I will also show you how I used to clean them before I discovered this soap.

How to wash your makeup brushes

Besides deep cleaning your makeup brushes you should always spot clean in-between makeup uses or better said on a daily use. Spot cleaning is a faster way to just remove makeup but this does not deep clean your makeup brushes and that is why you always have to deep clean your makeup brushes at least once a month in order to keep the nasty “bugs” away. If you want to know how to deep clean (wash) your makeup brushes and take care of them, then make sure to watch my brush cleaning video tutorial below. In the video I will demonstrate two different ways and of course you choose whatever best suits you and your budget. I will be using the new Sigma Beauty brush cleaning glove, do expect tomorrow on Review Wednesday a detailed makeup review. I will include below a few pre-washing tips before you wash your makeup brushes and a step by step tutorial if you can’t for any reason watch the makeup tutorial.

How to deep clean / wash your makeup brushes & take care of them

Hope that the tutorial and the few pre-cleaning tips and step-by-step tutorial were of some help. Feel free to choose whatever method suits you and your budget best. In the video I am giving my honest (sneak peak) short review of the new Sigma spa brush cleaning glove but for the full review come back tomorrow. Now on to the pre-washing tip and the products which I used in the tutorial and a step by step written tutorial for all you that can’t watch the video for any reason.

Pre-washing tips

  1. Never wet the entire brush but only the bristles. While wetting the bristles avoid the portion of the brush where the head meets the handle (as pointed out in the video).
  2. The brushes, after washed, will need a few hours or over night in order to dry. So, make sure to do your makeup before you start deep cleaning your brushes.

Deep Cleaning Products Used in the video

  • JAR – dish soap
  • Da Vinci Brush Soap – paint, face paint & makeup brushes (review coming soon)
  • The brush guard (review)
  • Tall Glass
  • Dirty makeup brushes
  • Sigma Beauty Spa Brush Cleaning Glove (10% discount code) (buy) (review coming tomorrow)
  • Sink

How to Deep Clean Your Makeup Brushes with the Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove

  1. Put on your Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove above the sink
  2. Turn on the water on lukewarm water and let the water run over the glove and wet the bristles of your makeup brush.
  3. Pick up some soap with the wet bristles
  4. Turn off the water and now in circular motion and rub the bristles on the wash part of the sigma brush cleaning glove. The area will get soapy and you will see a lot of color running out of the brush. It will look mainly mustard yellow or brown.
  5. Turn on the water back to lukewarm and let it run over the rinse part of the brush and rinse the bristles.
  6. Now run the brush over refine to get the extra water out of the bristles and then with the shape part of the brush, squeeze out the remaining water and reshape the bristles.
  7. After that place the brush guard over the bristles (to reshape your makeup brushes) and set the brushes upside down in a cup and let it dry.
  8. The brushes will be dry in a few hours and the really dense kabuki brushes might need to dry over night.


  • When washing the synthetic thick kabuki brushes follow the same instructions as above but make sure to only wet the tips of the bristles and keep the brush horizontal the entire time while washing or they will take two days to dry.  
  • If you wish to wash your brushes with your hands, then simple follow the steps above and just do the same method only on the palm of your hand.

Do you deep clean your makeup brushes like this? Leave a comment if you have tried the new brush cleaning glove from Sigma Beauty below.

**This is not a sponsored video. Some products are PR samples, while other products were purchases by me. This post contains affiliate links


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