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Sigma Brushes Spa Solutions Complete Kit

Sigma has recently launched a new item on their site. The Sigma Beauty Spa Solutions Complete Kit. This kit is different from the Sigma Cleansing and Polishing tool which many people believed to be a good substitute for the very expensive Clarisonic tool. Let me tell you a bit about the new Spa Solution Kit. Sigma Spa Solutions kits can be bought in two kits. If you haven’t bought the cleansing and polishing tool you can now buy the Sigma Spa Solutions Complete Kit for a more affordable price, which includes the cleansing and polishing tool + the spa collection.  If you already have the cleansing and polishing tool you can buy the separate Sigma Spa Solutions kit, so you just get the additional heads.

Sigma Brushes Spa Solutions Kit

The Sigma Brushes Spa Solutions Kit is amazing. I can’t wait to put it to the test and see if what Sigma claims is true. The spa solution kit contains three very unique heads (or attachments) that are used with the classic Sigma cleansing and polishing tool. The new Sigma heads attachments were made to give you that ultimate spa experience at home at an affordable price. So instead of spending your hard earned money on expensive spas you can now treat yourself to the ultimate spa experience at home. Below you can see the brand new three attachments. Each of the attachments have their own function to satisfy the need and requirements of all Sigma lovers.

Sigma Brushes Spa Solutions attachment functions

The  NEW Sigma Brushes attachments or as I like to call them the heads (for the cleansing and polishing tools) each have their own function. The first brush is the extra soft brush is recommend for people with extra sensitive skin. The brush is made from silicone. The second brush is the Massager Maximize will absorb any skin care product and help stimulate the circulation of blood in your body. The brush is also made of silicone. The last Sigma Brushes spa solutions attachments would be the Exfoliator brush. This brush is used to remove dead skin on the body (not face) and helps your body get that healthy glow that your body get during summer. The brushes is made from pumice stone. Looking at all of these brushes I am looking forward to all three attachments. I am very much into the spa world and I love pampering my body but due to recession and having to cut back on my luxury pleasures, I am very much looking forward to these attachments.

Sigma Brushes Coupon + Spa Solutions Complete Kit

Save with the Sigma Brushes coupon and get the Spa Solutions Complete Kit is the perfect kit  if you didn’t get the Cleansing and Polishing kit. You will save a few dollars if you get the Spa Solutions complete kit plus you will get the Cleansing and Polishing kit. If you will be buying this Spa Solution kit or just the attachments kit use my Sigma brushes Coupon Code to save 10% (click here to read about addition savings) before shipping. You must click on this link place an order and enter my coupon code : LOVE2012.  When you use my this code you get a FREE Brush on $30+  or a mini eyeshadow palette with $100+  when you use my Sigma brushes Coupon Code 


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