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Sigma Beauty Mrs Bunny Makeup Brushes Kit Makeup Review

Sigma Beauty Mrs. Bunny Makeup Brushes Travel Kit

Sigma Beauty Mrs Bunny Makeup Brushes makeup review Collection review are here to review. So, what is interesting about these brushes?! Are they really good as most people are writing? I got these brushes from Sigma as testers so that I could write a review and share my opinion on to if I like them or not. I have compared the makeup review of Sigma Beauty Mrs Bunny Makeup Brushes to my other Sigma brushes and I have to say that these are THE brushes. I have a few sigma brushes and I really liked them, but comparing Mrs. Bunny to all other makeup brushes kit I have, I have to say that these brushes blew me away. The brushes come in a light blue faux leather brush case and the kit come in a travel set or fill kit. I got the smaller travel kit Sigma Beauty Mrs Bunny Makeup Brushes for this makeup review.

Makeup Review Details: Sigma Beauty Mrs Bunny Kit

The Sigma Beauty Mrs Bunny Makeup Brushes makeup review can be bought in a black color (Mr. Bunny) and in shades baby pink and baby blue (Mrs. Bunny). I personally love having brushes that are in any color other than black. The reason is because it’s easier to keep track of what brushes belong to me when at a gig. Makeup review of Sigma Beauty Mrs Bunny Makeup Brushes are synthetic and vegan and the brushes are cut with extreme precision. I bristles are super soft and work amazingly well with all makeup products that I have been using in my collection. Another thing that is pretty sweet is that the logo is engraved and has holographic lettering on the handle. The Handles are the perfect length and they aren’t too short what is common with some travel sets unlike this Sigma Beauty Mrs Bunny Makeup Brushes

Sigma Beauty Mrs. Bunny Makeup Brushes Pros

Sigma Beauty Mrs Bunny Makeup Brushes makeup review Pros list is long and there are many things to mention. Most professional makeup artist always recommend natural bristle over synthetic bristles; and I have to agree I never liked synthetic bristles and I have tried a few, eco tools, elf, sephora, etc. Then I got this set and I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be any different from other synthetic brushes that I have used. I’m not sure in how they made review item Mrs. Bunny Sigma Beauty Makeup Brushes but they are so soft and so well cut that it’s mind blowing. These might just be the best brushes I have used from Sigma.  The travel set is perfect for traveling. The faux container perfectly protects your brushes from getting damaged. You get a good collection of basic brushes that everyone needs. The price of the brushes is more than acceptable when comparing to the high quality you get. The travel kit and normal kit that contains 12 brushes Sigma Beauty Mrs Bunny Makeup Brushes is Cruelty free, next part of the makeup review are the cons.

Sigma Beauty Mrs. Bunny Makeup Brushes Cons & Conclusion

Sigma Beauty Mrs Bunny Makeup Brushes makeup review has no flaws in my opinion. The only flaw that some people might see is with the shipping and handling rates from The shipping rate is quit high for most since it can cost you have of what the product costs. I agree that the price goes up of Sigma Beauty Makeup Brushes Mrs. Bunny review kit when you calculate the shipping and if you have to pay customs. I personally recommend this kit since it is for my personal use and I have to say that I have never had a synthetic brush kit that was this good. If you are looking for a crulety-free brush kit than this is it! If you want to add an additional synthetic brush kit to your set, then this Sigma Beauty Makeup Brush Mrs. Bunny Collection review kit is it!


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Honestly, should I buy it? 

I love adding this point in the review. My personal opinion is that this set is the BEST Sigma Beauty Makeup Brushes Set that they have offered up until now. I not only use it for my personal use but I also bought a second Sigma Beauty Makeup Brushes Mrs. Bunny Full Set for my professional use. I have washed and used it many times and not bristles have fallen out! This is absolute a must have kit

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