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#MakeupMonday Chocolate Smokey Eye

SmashinBeauty makeupmonday smokey eyes brown chocolate catrice sjenilo

#MakeupMonday Chocolate Smokey Eye

Today is #MakeupMonday and obviously it’s another smokey eye but this time it’s brown or chocolate. A bit shocking is it or was it due to aliens? Not really sure but as soon as I find out what the reason is, I will inform you. Until then, please do enjoy the pictures and tell me if you love to wear a smokey eye. What color of smokey eye do you like? I personally love brown and red smokey eye. Oh make sure to check back Wednesday since I will publish the makeup reviews of the products that I used in the #MakeupMonday chocolate smokey eye makeup look. 


#MakeupMonday Chocolate Smokey Eye

smashinbeauty smokey eye brown makeupmonday

makeup products that were used:


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