Halloween makeup

bile su to 80te …. The 80s part 2

Ok so my last look was a crazy colory look
I wanted to make a DIRTY rock chick girl look what we could have seen on Blondie, bon jovi fanovi, Alice copper, twisted sisters, Guns N7 Roses, AC/DC, White Snake, Scorpions and Joan Jett
This is my going from day super colors makeup to night…

Enjoy while listening to this 80’s rock song


OK, moj zadnji 80te post je bio pun ludilh boja

Htjela sam napraviti “PRLJAVI” ili ti zločesti rock frajerica iz 80tih inspiracija Blondie, Bon Jovi Fanovi, Alice Copper, twisted sisters, Guns N’ Roses,  AC/DC, White Snake, Scorpions i Joan Jett

Uzela sam šminku iz prijašnjeg 80te look i pretvorila ga u noćni rock frajerica look

Uživajte i dok gledate slike slušajte pjesmu

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