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Sephora anti shine face primer beauty product review

Sephora anti shine face primer beauty product review is here and ready for a makeup review. I wrote a review on this product a few years back but I honestly wasn’t to impressed with my short review. But also now after I used other many primers I wanted to write about beauty product review concerning the Sephora anti shine face primer. I think and I still have about 2 tubes that are half full. I forgot which one I opened so I was using both. the tube is practical and long it’s really easy to carry it anywhere with you since it’s very portable and simple to carry around. Here is the Sephora beauty product review.

Beauty product review pros 

Sephora beauty product review primer is very easy to apply and smear all over the face. It has a kind of silicone filling on the fingers when applying it on to the face. When I first started using it, and I think it was the first one I have ever used, it was amazing and I love it. The packaging Sephora’s beauty product review primer is practical. It has a clean light gel formula. It has a matte finish. Best results when you use it after your face cream. Gives the skin a silky surface feeling. To concluded the pros, Sephora’s beauty product review primer glides on and you get a lot of it.

Beauty product review cons

Sephora beauty product review primer cons list after using it for two years and now comparing it with other primers tha tI have used a long the way, such as NYX, MAC…etc. I can say that I do not like this primer as I did when I first got it. The primer is good for oily skin since it’s texture is gel and silky what does make applying foundation much easier when you have a smooth surface, but the Sephora beauty product review primer cons would be the price. Even though I did put it in the Pros list, again for some this might be a lot. I did get mine at a discount rate when saved me a few bucks. The product doesn’t contain any antioxidants. The worst con would be that it doesn’t contain any sun protection. This concludes Sephora’s anti shine primer beauty product review.

Beauty product review conclusion

To conclude this Sephora beauty product review, The primer does do it’s just. It really glides on and gives a smooth surface. The skin becomes matte instantly. After wearing it for 4 hours, I can confirm that my skin didn’t get any shine. When I do not use a primer my skin is a disco ball. Sephora’s beauty product review primer is good for oily skin or for flash photography. I do not recommend this primer to other skin types since it my be to dull or to drying even. The product didn’t irritate my skin or cause my skin to break out. Will you try Sephora’s beauty product review primer?

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  • Rachael

    I LOVE THIS! HG for me! I used the more silicone then gel like that dries…(ex. smashbox) and I thought it makes my foundation go on smoother, and as long as I exfoliate it makes it look a little better….THAN I caught this at my sephora for 5 backs…Only one and Ii couldn’t believe how much better it helped. It seems to like fix those clogged pores/ dead skin cell thing that can make your makeup look flakey. It still makes my skin look matte like the silicone ones but the dif ib really prepping my skin for long run, this is the best. I actually use the monistat chafing gel that people use a primer by its self and go over top my nose and around tops of my cheeks where my pores look bigger and it helps them with that.

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