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Tony Moly prestige snail lip treatment review

I don’t know about you, but each year I get suckered into some new Asian skin care trend. Whether is be a new trend of if I just found out about it this year. Last year, I was really into snail treatments. I think I read some article online about snails and some skin care treatment and just lost it. I went to see what my Asian brands launched and didn’t know what to get first. Snail products were very trendy last year and the year before that it was snakes. Last year I purchased a few snail products and never got around to reviewing them. So now, I am doing a makeup review of Tony Moly Prestige snail lip treatment.

Tony Moly Prestige snail lip treatment

Tony Moly prestige snail lip treatment sounds cool or strange to some, but it also is throwing around some crazy claims which just made me want to try it even more. The company claims that this product with not only moisturize your lips but it will exfoliate, firm and regenerate them. The lip treatment contains snail mucus. The product comes in this small travel friendly pink metal container, super cute. The texture of the snail lip treatment is something between a firm jelly and blistex, a very strange and hard to grab  product. I personally didn’t like that it was in a container and expected it to not be such a firm texture. It’s hard to pick up. The product is clear, it’s hard to see how much you have actually picked up and how much you have applied on to your lips. I did notice that I had to apply a larger amount on my lips, so that they feel hydrated and that I feel that I have anything on my lips. I really had to dig into the product to get more out with one swipe. It would have been better if it came in a twist top tube and it would been more hygienic. I feel like I have to use a spatula to get any product out of the container what is frustrating.

Tony Moly Prestige Snail Lip Treatment Makeup Review

Tony Moly prestige snail lip treatment

I feel like the Tony Moly prestige snail lip treatment, sits on top of my lips and only offers very mild hydration. I haven’t noticed any smell what is a plus. The product is free of parabens, petroleum-based oils, surfactant, benzophenone, Gmo and talc. Looking at the ingredients in the back, I saw that they do use mineral oil what I am not a fan of at all. Also, mineral oil is also know as white petrolatum. What means that the company’s claims are not true, it does contain petroleum-based oils and it’s one of the main ingredients based on the ingredient list.

TonyMoly prestige snail lip treatment

Overall for this makeup review of TonyMoly prestige snail lip treatment, I can say that this is nothing like the other snail mucus treatment products which I have used. I found felt that this was just a normal overpriced lip balm which doesn’t deliver what it promised and contains one ingredient which the company claims that it doesn’t contain. I have never had a negative experience with TonyMoly, but this one isn’t all bad but it’s not the best one.

I have to write a whole article soon as to why the world went crazy for Snail Mucus.


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