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Fake Tears Makeup / 3D Realistic Makeup Tutorial / Face paint

fake tears makeup

Today I am going to show you how to: fake tears makeup using face paint or makeup. This 3D realistic fake tears makeup is for everyone. Just follow the few simple steps and you are able to get the look without a problem. All you need is a few items to get this look and a few thin brushes like the ones which Sigma Beauty offers. I will show you what makeup brushes to use and how to achieve this look. I will also list below what products I’ve used and of course, you can decide what you want to use.

fake tears makeup

Here are the products you and how to get fake tears makeup. Make sure to follow the tutorial and you won’t miss. If you do create the tutorial, make sure to share it with me on one of my social media accounts, such as Twitter (@smashinbeauty), Instagram (@smashingbeauty) and Facebook (/smashinbeauty). I will gladly reshare it with my fans. I love to showcase other people’s work when they recreate a look I made.


Products which I used:

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