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How to get fuller lips with makeup

How to get fuller lips with makeup

Today I am going to show you how to get how to get fuller lips with makeup, using no fillers, injections, suction methods or even plumpers. This sounds almost impossible, but it’s not! This is a form of lip contouring and it’s done with a few products which I will list below. You probably have the products in your makeup bag or on your makeup vanity table and it’s really simple to recreate, just don’t overdo it.

How to get big full lips using makeup only

How to get full big lips using makeup only this is a makeup tutorial. You can use the products which you have in your makeup bag or you can use any product which I recommend. Make sure you are using matte products since if you use semi-matte or glossy products you will not get the same results.

These are the products which I used in my makeup tutorial how to get fuller lips with makeup. 


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