Prom Dress Betsy Johnson Lavender Sequin Dress

So Prom is here, for some prom is over for others it has yet to come! I am going to release a Prom makeup video tutorial in the next 2 days. Before that I wanted to mention a Youtube video and channel. I am a huge fan of   She has a very fun and creative Youtube channel that is filled with OOTD, FOTD, Makeup video tutorials, random rambling, review…etc. The thing which is unique on her channel is her character. She is an amazing woman that has a very fun and creative way of talking about things that are super entertaining. I wish I knew the woman in real life, I believe we would have much in common! So make sure to check out this video where you can see this dress that   was wearing. I thought that would be a perfect prom dress. She is also wearing these amazing shoes, cosmic litas! Make sure to subscribe to her channel!

Do you love the dress as much as I? What about the shoes?

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