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SELF TANNING – is quite a mystery ??!! or is it

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I watched a video on youtube from Kandee Johnson, super talented and lovable MUA.

She was talking about self tanning and I have to admit that, many years ago I tried to self tan but it ended up in a disaster!!!!!

What happened, I remember that I I used a self tanning product and I went to work out and ALL of the color LEAKED on to my white clothes O_O it was a shocker….
So, a few days ago I was thinking of tanning…. I wanted either, buy a self tanning cream or just go tan in one of those tanning salons…
Basically, it would cost me more to go and tan at a tanning salons than to buy a self tanner.
Kandee was talking about a tanner called SUN LAB. and it sounds great because they have some set.

I have to admit it’s a pretty good deal. I was just wondering since I am pail, I don’t know what color to go for, I don’t want to look unnaturally tan nor do I want to look orange 😀

Have you used a self tanner? if so, what’s your experience?  have you “leaked” color? what do you recommend?

thanks 😀

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