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Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine Catwalk, Toffee, Candy Makeup Review & Swatches

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Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine Catwalk, Toffee, Candy Makeup Review & Swatches is here and in those rare occasion do I say, what you see is what you get. A few days ago, I spent a few hours (online and in the shop) looking for a few new makeup products at my local Kryolan (Hrvatska) shop. one of the things I was looking for was a  lip gloss to dupe the shit out of LC Candy Apple Gloss. Not only is it identical in color but better quality and much more affordable (for some when considering the cost in shipping and tax & customs). I know that a lot of my international friends and makeup artist will agree with me that when you say Kryolan you automatically think HQ makeup at an affordable price.

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Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine Makeup Review

Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine Catwalk, Toffee, Candy Makeup Review, I would have to mention what the website claims first then off to my opinion. High gloss is a newly developed lip gloss with special pearl pigments based (mica) which provides the lips with that special radiance. The gloss comes in 16 vivid shades, when you wear this gloss your lips are the center of attention. The gloss can be applied with any other lip products from Kryolan. Well I can say that I can confirm that what they claim is not only correct but mildly putting it to be 100% honest! As I mentioned I was looking for the perfect dupe. Now it’s that time in the makeup review for my honest opinion on Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine (& swatches). 

Kryolan High Gloss Lip Shine Catwalk, Toffee, Candy, Beach, Kir, Swatches, Makeup Review
L- R: no lipstick (only foundation, catwalk in shadows, catwalk on direct sunlight

Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine Swatches

I really did my homework, I wasted 24 hours looking and searching for a lip gloss that is opaque but yet not sticky, that is hydrating and not dry on my lips. The gloss is very opaque (giving full coverage) and a little goes a long way since it’s thick. Pictures 1, I apply a generous amount and pictures 1 a normal thin layer. There is no taste and the scent is barley noticeable. I would also like to mention in the makeup review of Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine Catwalk, Toffee, Candy that the lip gloss comes with a HQ lip brush I mean it gives such a smooth application and the lip gloss glides on with such ease. You get a whopping 4 ml (can you say HUGE amount) in the tube. I feel that I will never use up the product. When applied on the lips has a very light feeling (the gloss is build-able) and for a lip gloss is very long lasting. For all my animal lovers out there, one thing Kryolan is famous for is not only being a professional makeup brand but also this product is cruelty-free.

Kryolan High Gloss Catwalk lip shine dupe for lime crime candy apply lipgloss

Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine Catwalk, Toffee, Candy Sjajilo

To complete my makeup review & swatches of Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine Catwalk, Toffee, Candy, let me describe each shade. Catwalk is a very bright – dark red lip gloss, it depends on how many layers you apply, contains no glitter but is that perfect Marilyn Monroe red lip gloss. Toffee is the perfect gloss for smokey eye makeup or day makeup. It’s a warm beige skin color with just a hint of pink (ideal for brunettes). Candy is very similar to toffee but just much more pink with a hint of beige and in my opinion is ideal for bleach Blondies and smokey eye makeup. Looking at the whole collection other shades that I would recommend that would be idea for everyday makeup are: Beach, an intense orange gloss with golden shimmer flakes. Kir, a mixture of soft fuchsia tone with a hint of pink. Transparent shade since it goes with everything and Touch most natural looking gloss perfect mix of skin colour and pink.

Kryolan High Gloss Candy Toffee Catwalk Beach Kir Swatches Recenzija
Out Doors On Direct Sun Light
Kryolan High Gloss Lip Shine Candy Toffee Catwalk Makeup Review Swatches Kryolan Sjajilo za Usne
In Door Right Next To Window (No Flash)


  • HQ professional makeup
  • price
  • amount (4ml)
  • opaque
  • amazing brush
  • glides on very smooth
  • long lasting
  • vivid colors (you get what you see)
  • not sticky
  • no scent
  • cruelty free
  • full coverage
  • no lipstick required
  • long lasting
  • mica
  • does not stain the lips
  • moisturising
  • photographs amazing (see example below pic from
  • available across EU (even Croatia has a shop)
  • PERFECT DUPE for Lime Crime Candy Apple (but minus the glitter)


  • if you don’t like lip gloss 
  • not easy available for some

Price: $16

Buy: Local Kryolan Shop

flash photography – click for more images from

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