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Spring Lipstick Shades

Spring Lipstick Shades

This spring I wanted to show you which lipsticks shades I was going to recommend that would be trendy and very fashionable. Each spring we get new lipstick shades, which are trendy, and this year they are also very different these are my picks and you are more then welcome to find any brand or price range that suits you best to find similar shades. I hope that you like my pick and make sure to leave a comment below telling me which shades you will be wearing this spring. Also make sure that you check out the lipsticks shades, which Petra Kozina picked out for her Spring lipstick shades


Spring Lipstick Shades

In no particular order here are my spring lipstick shades.

Revlon Colorburst soft nude

Revlon Colorburst Soft Nude is an ideal shade for people that like nude lips which are barely noticeable apply lip gloss to get a gloss finish. These lips work with all makeup looks.

Wet N Wild Mega Last Red Velvet

Wet N Wild Mega Last Red Velvet is a cool red shade ideal for cool and neutral undertones and to make your lips pop if you don’t want to wear any thing else but mascara.

Barry M 52 lipstick

Barry M 52 is a very bright pink shade which will make your lips stand out! This is an ideal shade for everyone that loves bright shades for spring and even summer. I actually wrote a review about Barry M 52 so make sure to check it out.

Rimmel Royalty 085

Rimmel Royalty is a nice medium plum lipsticks not to dark nor to light. It looks beautiful just by wearing it by itself and the lipstick is thick and creamy in a good way. It has the same effect a red lipstick has when worn alone.

mua luxe velvet lip lacquer atomic

MUA luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer Atomic is a cream lipstick that drys very matte and is an “neon” like orangey red shade. This lipstick is beautiful, long lasting and looks beautiful just worn by itself.

Which shade is your favorites?


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