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Sigma Beauty Born To Be Collection Makeup Review & Swatches

Today I am quickly doing a makeup review of Sigma Beauty Born To Be Collection. I already made a makeup tutorial using the entire makeup collection since if I do get an entire makeup collection I am able to make a Sigma Beauty born to be makeup look out of all the product. SO, make sure to check out the look, it’s a lilac purple look that I am certain will look great on all eye colors. You might have read my beauty news about this entire collection and what is included in the entire collection. IF you haven’t then I will mention first a bit facts off their site and what they claim.

Sigma Beauty Born To Be Collection

Sigma Beauty Born To Be Collection was launched a month ago and the entire collection can be bought for $99 (actual value $123). In the collection you get three eye liners, smoke screen eye shadow palette, three lip gloss, a blush, and one lip concealer. All of the products included in the collection can be used to create smokey eyes to a nice day makeup look. You can also buy each product individually. If you choose to make sure to use my sigma beauty coupon code to save 10% on your entire order.

Sigma Beauty Born To Be Collection Makeup Review

Now to the makeup review & swatches of each product in the Sigma Beauty Born To Be Collection. The entire collection comes in a beautiful quite large packaging with the picture of the model when they were advertising the entire collection.

Sigma Beauty Lose The Hallo Lip Concealer Swatches

 The Lose the Halo lip concealer is a peach concealer that really does cancel out any redness and color on the lip. It can be used as a lipstick to get true nude lips. The concealer has a thick and creamy lip gloss kind of finish so it might not be good to use as a concealer. Can also be used to lighten any lipstick.

Sigma Beauty Born To Powder Blush Swatches

The Born the powder blush is ideal for fair to medium skin tones, it’s a medium berry pink shade that will compliment neutral and warm undertones. Very pigmented apply with light hand. Matte no glitter or shimmer.

Sigma Beauty Born To Be Lip Gloss Swatches

The Born To Be Lip Glosses in Eleven, get ready and sheila are beautiful. The only shade which I didn’t like was get ready because it has noticeable glitter. Comparable to drugstore lip glosses.

Sigma Beauty Eye Liner Atomic Number 6, Indigobird, My Cloud

The Born to be eye liners in atomic number 6, indigo bird and my cloud are so creamy and pigmented that I was blown away. The stay quite well on the waterline (depending on how watery your eyes are) but the color payoff is brilliant and it glides on like butter. It’s not too soft, it’s just right! It reminds me of my favorite eye liner from Bourjois.

Sigma Beauty Smoke Screen Swatches Review

The smoke screen eye shadow palette is features 12 different shades with different finishes from matte, frost, duo-chrome, sheen to shimmer. You can see the swatches and how well all of the shades are pigmented. The two lighter shades have the least amount of pigment but are still really good. I actually didn’t use any primer or base when I swatch the eye shadows. Some shades remind me of certain eye shadows from my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.

Sigma Beauty Smoke Screen Swatches

Sigma Beauty Born To Be Collection Makeup Review & Swatches

Overall the Sigma Beauty Born To Be collection was a win for me. I love the color options that offer a wide range of possibility surprisingly good color payoff with each product. The biggest disappointments were the lip glosses. I personally don’t like glitter in my glosses because I have big lips as it is. If you like glitter then you won’t mind this. You might not need all of these products but I do not regret buying this collection. I was certain that I would love and be able to use all the products and I was personally not disappointed. I will be using the eye shadows in future makeup tutorials so stay tune.

Sigma Beauty Born To Be Collection Review

If you would like to buy this product check out

Did you buy anything from this collection? Did you maybe buy a previous Sigma Beauty collection? Did you like it? Share your thoughts with me!!

*product bought with my own money, this post contains affiliate links. 


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