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Urban Decay Naked smoky palette swatches

Urban Decay is releasing a new final palette Naked smoky palette. I know that a lot of you are thinking, why do we need another UD naked palette? Well, I must admit when I first heard this news, I was like why. This is the six naked palette, if you count in the basic palettes. When comparing the six palettes. The Basic one palette are the must have matte shades. Basic two palette contains the ideal matter shades which compliment any palette but most naked 3 palette. You can see that palette 1 and two are very similar. Palette 1 contains warmer shade. Naked 2 palette contains cooler shades. Palette 3 contains beautiful nude shades and the naked smoky palette contains the missing smoky shades.

Urban Decay Smoky Palette Swatches & Makeup Review

Urban Decay Naked smoky palette

The Urban Decay Naked smoky palette will retail for $54. It will be on sale from July 8th 2015 and it will be sold on their official website and in stores. it will contain twelve shades which range from an off white matte shade to a deep shimmer black shades. Looking at the palette online. It seems that the palette contains four, maybe five matte shades. I personally love this palette. I have the UD naked 2 palettes and love it. This palette reminds me of many other smoky eye palettes from other well-known high end and drugstore brands. I will try to do a comparison in shades with my other eyeshadows that I have, especially with my Makeup Geek eyeshadows.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette Swatches Review

Urban Decay Naked smoky palette swatches

  Make sure to check out the swatches of the Urban Decay Naked smoky palette, which I have shown in this post thanks to Temptalia’s Instagram post. She even compared all the previous naked palettes and based on what she has shown us, we will not be disappointed at all with the pigmentations and with the high Urban Decay promises. Looking at the palette, you ask yourself if you need this palette. Here are my two cents. I feel that this palette has similar shades to the other naked palettes. No two shades are identical, but I feel that if you have naked palette 1, 2, 3 and the basic 1 palette or 2, you have very similar shades and this one is just an extra treat. The only thing which looks new in this palette is the cool deep purple shade, the cool dark green shade and the metallic cool dark grayish blue shade.

Urban Decay Naked smoky palette swatches & review

  So, should you get this new Urban Decay smoky palette? If you love smoky palettes and want high pigment payoff then this is the palette for you. If I am not mistaken this palette is almost $10 more expensive than the other Urban Decay palettes. Everyone and their mother are crazy about this palette and I guess for the right reason. What do you think of the new palette? Will you be purchasing it? Leave a comment below.

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