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Since I cut my hair

I basically have one hairdo :S
The bob cut and that’s that.
I buy chance found this youtube channel where this young woman made these really cool hair dos in such a short period of time.

she also has a blog but I don’t understand anything that is being written because I think it’s Japanese, some symbols I know are used in the Japanese Alphabet.
sorry if I’m incorrect about something

this is her blog

even though I don’t understand a word that she is saying it’s pretty easy to follow

I was also wondering. I read an interesting article about China yesterday. They seemed to have blocked
every web page that is not approved by the Government???
I know that they have their own very of ebay and paypal that is called alibaba and alipay
I was wondering have you used that web page? is alibaba and alipay safe?
what do you think?


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