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Scary & Creepy Voodoo Doll Makeup Halloween Makeup Tutorial

A Scary & Creepy Voodoo Doll Makeup for my Halloween makeup tutorial 2013 series. When I did my American Horror Story Coven Witch Makeup I decided to make two more related makeup tutorials and made two more face charts, one was a scary and creepy voodoo doll. One of them will be launched after Halloween since I am waiting for a few products to complete the look. A real voodoo doll that had a big opened mouth showing its teeth while its mouth was stitched together inspired me. I thought that was a cool voodoo doll, but knew it might be hard to make with that open and stitched mouth effect.

Scary & Creepy Voodoo Doll Makeup

Now last minute I decided to make the mouth go on my neck since it would be a better portrayal of what the original voodoo doll looked like. I also added a bit of my own touch just to make it more of my own voodoo doll than a copy of the original. This Halloween makeup tutorial for my Scary and Creepy voodoo doll makeup tutorial is quite easy to make but the stitching part might be a challenge for some, do that into consideration that it does require some time to get those stitches done. Take your time and don’t rush it or else you will not be able to glue them and they will keep falling off. I had some serious problems with my spirit gum.

Scary & Creepy Voodoo Doll Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Here are the products that I used for Scary & Creepy Voodoo Doll Makeup for my Halloween makeup tutorial 2013. I hope you enjoy it! Make sure to check back on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for my last minute Halloween tutorials, ideas and suggestions.


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Creepy Scary Voodoo Doll Makeup Halloween Makeup Tutorial Ryan Seacrest Halloween Makeup Guru


Day of Chaos by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0.

Intro Pictures:

Voodoo Jars, step 3

Voodoo Jars, step 3

Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo Window

Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo Window

Voodoo House Porch Kitten Stretching





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