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Rihanna Pour It Up Makeup Official Music Video

The new celebrity inspired makeup look is Rihanna Pour It Up makeup tutorial for her official music video. Rihanna showed a sneak peak picture, or better said a few pictures, on her instagram profile of her new upcoming music video. If you saw al the pictures the entire video looks like it’s happening in a nightclub or a strip bar. No matter where it’s happening the video looks promising and it looks like it’s  going to be a good one. I loved in the picture which Rihanna uploaded on her instagram. She was wearing a 1920s white wig hair do and it looked amazing on her. Her makeup was different since it she had pink eyebrows, nude lips and very nude eyes. Overall the look was very simple yet different.

Rihanna Pour It Up Makeup

I decided to recreate this Rihanna Pour It Up makeup tutorial for her upcoming music video with a bit of changes. I adapted the look so that it suits my eyes more since Rihanna and I have very different eyes and the makeup would not look as good as it did on my eyes as it did on her eyes. But besides that minor changes on the eyes, the entire look is as close as possible to Rihanna’s look which she showed on her instagram profile. I hope that you like my recreation of the look and please don’t forget to like and share the video on youtube. The products that I used in the video will be listed below, but feel free to use anything similar.

Rihanna Pour It Up Official Music Video Makeup Tutorial

Rihanna Pour It Up Music Video Inspired Makeup

The makeup products that I used for my Rihanna Pour It Up makeup tutorial official music video inspired look are:

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