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Urban Decay Fall Collection 2011

Urban Decay Fall Collection 2011

Urban Decay Fall Collection 2011

Urban Decay Junkies the new fall collection 2011 is ready for show! I know I want this palette BAD! It’s their 15-Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection. An exclusive palette featuring all-new, never-before-seen 15 eye shadow shades that will only available in this limited release palette.

Here are the 15 exclusive Urban Decay eyeshadows from this limited edition palette.

  • Deeper – deep shimmery golden brown
  • M.IA.  – dark velvet brown
  • Ace – dark gunmetal
  • Blackout – darkest most saturated black
  • Half Truth – deep greyish purple
  • Tainted – pale matte purple w/ golden shimmer
  • Junkshow – metallic bright pink w/ slight blue shift
  • Omen – metallic bright purple w/ blue shift
  • Evidence – deep metallic blue
  • Deep end – bright teal
  • Midnight Rodeo – brown pearl w/ silver
  • Midnight 15 – oyster pearl w/ silver glitter
  • Vanilla – creamy white gold
  • Flow – soft peach summer
  • Chase – bright bronze

High performance lash curler 

Super-Saturated Lip Color 
  • Adrenaline – bright pink w/sparkle finish
  • Big Bang – bright fuchsia w/sparkle finish
  • Crush – hot pink w/creme finish
  • F-Bomb – bright red w/creme finish
  • Punch Drunk – bright red-orange w/creme finish
 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner 
  • Bobby Dazzle – sparkly, bright pearl
  • Demolition – deep, matte brown
  • El Dorado – sparkly, canary gold
  • Perversion – carbon black
  • Radium – bright, sparkly blue
  • Retrograde – glittery, deep purple
  • Revolver – sparkly, dark grey
  • Sabbath – deep, matte navy blue
  • Siren – sparkly, mermaid tail blue/green
  • Smog – sparkly, golden medium brown
  • Woodstock – sparkly hot pink

Urban Lash

  • Black Velvet – a lush velvet full lash with mink-like texture
  • Flirt – a 3/4 lash so subtle people would never guess in a million years that you’re sporting falsies
  • Instaflare – an adaptation of Urban Decay’s easy-to-apply Instaglam lash style, Instaflare is a 1/3 lash with a rounded flare at the outer corner
  • Sly – a full lash featuring thinned out inner lashes and an a clear band for a more natural look

Lush Lash Mascara 

  • Urban Brow Precision Tip Brow Tint
  • Urban Brow Styling Brush and Setting Gel

You getting anything?
I read that the palette should cost somewhere around $55! If so, AMAZING!

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