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Fashionista Bronzer LA, Barcelona, Toyko, Paris Swatches & Makeup Review

Even though summer is behind use, a good bronzer is always a good investment. I recently bought with my own money a few Fashionista Bronzers in shade Tokyo, Paris, Barcelona and LA. I bought these bronzers on MUA academy website and to my knowledge this is their sister company. I bought the bronzers on sale for 1.65 each and the normal price was 4 pounds, so in short I got four for the price of (let’s say) one. Fashionista claims that there are six amazing shades which suit everyone and that you can mix and match the bronzers to create your own tailored sculpting, bronzing and highlighting kit. You can buy each shade individually or make your own custom palette. So, I bought with my own money four shades: LA, Barcelona, Tokyo and Paris to create my own custom kit and to do a makeup review of Fashionista Bronzers.

Fashionista Bronzer LA Barcelona Paris Toyko Swatches Makeup Review

Fashionista bronzers

Now time to mention a few more facts in this makeup review of Fashionista Bronzers. The product contains 2.5 grams and can be used up to 12 months after opening. It comes in a sturdy packaging that you can use later after you use up your bronzer; it’s basically a reusable custom one-shadow palette. The product was developed in the UK. Now after testing all the shades I have to mention a few general pros and cons. The cons would be that when you are picking up the product with a brush that there is quite a noticeable amount of fallouts. This is because they even claim on their website that the bronzers have a more velvety touch and because it’s that soft the fallout amount is quite noticeable.

Fashionista bronzers makeup review pros and cons

Another thing that I wanted to mention in this makeup review of Fashionista Bronzers, is that the product is quite pigmented to my honest surprised, you can see this in the swatches and in the pictures below. Now let’s talk about each individual shade, Fashionista bronzer Barcelona is a very subtle highlighter which is ideal for everyday makeup. It has a pearly finish so no glitter fallouts and unlike the other three shades that I have the fallout amount is smaller. This is an ideal highlighter for very fair to medium skin tones. Fashionista Bronzer LA is a ashy brown shade that is ideal for very fair – light skin tones, it doesn’t contain any orange and it’s very pigmented, I love this shade. Fashionista bronzer Paris is an orange undertone bronzer, which I do use more as a orange – brown blush over my other bronzers. I don’t hate orange undertones bronzers I actually love them, why? Because I use them as blushes and on my skin tone it looks beautiful! Last bronzer in the batch is also one of my personal favorites, Fashionista bronzer Tokyo. This is a dark ashy brown bronzer that is ideal for light to medium deep skin tones. It contains no orange undertone and is ideal for bronzing your entire face. Tokyo, unlike the other bronzers, does contain some glitter particles but they are unnoticeable when you apply the bronzer onto your skin.

Fashionista Bronzer Barcelona LA Paris Tokyo

Makeup review Fashionista bronzers: LA, Barcelona, Paris, Tokyo

To complete this makeup review of Fashionista bronzers, I wanted to mention that I tested to see how long it would last on my face before it would wear out. So to mention I have oily skin but I did apply a face primer, foundation, setting powder and my bronzer. The bronzers lasted a good 4 – 5 hours and then started to fade. There are two more shades which I didn’t buy since I knew right away that I would have no use of them. Do I recommend the bronzers? Yes, I think that for the price of 1.65 you will not find anything better pigmented or better quality. To my surprise this is a must have. I bought my Fashionista bronzers online at mua academy and i think you can also get them at your local boots shop.

Have you tried Fashionista? Do you like the makeup?

Fashionista Bronzer Barcelona, LA, Paris, Toyko, Swatches, Makeup Review

Fashionista Paris Barcelona Swatches Makeup Review Fashionista Toyko Barcelona Swatches Fashionista Bronzer LA Barcelona Swatches

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