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Sigma Beauty Dual-Ended Brow Pencil Makeup Review with Swatches

Sigma Beauty Brow Pencil Dark Medium Swatches REview

Today’s makeup review is the Sigma Beauty Dual-ended Brow Pencil in medium and dark. You might have read my previous makeup review the Sigma Beauty brow powder duo in medium and my How to fill in and shape your eyebrows like a pro using sigma beauty brow products. Today I wanted to continue reviewing the other products that I got from Sigma Beauty. Also tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, I will be releasing my other reviews from Sigma Beauty, the brow gel and and the Sigma Beauty highlighting pencil. I used all of these products and can now review them giving my honest opening as to who might like these products.

SIgma Beauty BRow Pencil Swatches

makeup review Sigma Beauty Dual-ended Brow Pencil

If you want to well defined and long lasting eyebrows then this beauty dual-ended brow pencil might be for you. Sadly if you have very light hair, such as bleach blonde hair, you might not have any use of this pencil, but if you have blonde hair to any shade of darker hair then this pencil might come in handy. I personally love to first define my eyebrow with a pencil to get long lasting eyebrows. The Sigma Beauty Dual-ended Brow Pencil has a waxy feeling and a smooth texture to it so it glides on with ease band blends really easily. Comparing to my Bourjois eyebrow pencil, it’s much easier to work with and blend the makeup review product Sigma Beauty Dual-ended Brow Pencil.

Sigma Beauty Dual-ended Brow Pencil medium & dark

To complete this makeup review I swatches the Sigma Beauty Dual-ended Brow Pencil both in a thicker pattern and one thin stroke so that you can see what the color looks like when applied in one thin stroke and how it looks like when applied heavily. I also wanted to include how my eyebrows look like when I only apply the Dual-ended Brow Pencil both in medium and dark. I personally love using both shades just as when I use my Sigma Beauty Brow Powder duo. I think that it gives a much naturally look when using two different shades. You can even get the ombre eyebrows using the Sigma Beauty Dual-ended Brow Pencil. The only thing you really need to get is the sharpener for makeup pencils that has those two hole for normal thin pencils and for thick pencils such as this  eyebrow pencil.  Hopefully this makeup review was of some help if you have any other questions, please leave them below in the comment section and I will try to answer then as soon as possible.

Sigma Dual-ended Brow Pencil Dark Medium Swatches

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  • pigmentation
  • longevity
  • soft texture
  • easy to blend
  • quantity
  • size


  • size (might be to bulky for some)
  • to dark for some
  • needs a special sharpener
  • online shopping (for some)  
Product Pigmentation Texture Longevity Packaging
 4.8/5 5/5 4.9/5 4.5/5 4.9/5

Buy: Sigmabeauty.com


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