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PRO Makeup Tricks To Keep Your Foundation Intact All Day Long

As a PRO, I like to share makeup tips and tricks on my blog. Today I wanted to write a short blog post talking about how to keep your foundation intact all day long. Many of you are right away thinking about a long lasting foundation, but many of you don’t know that even long lasting foundations can break down if you skip a few important steps. So, let’s get down to business and find out what to do to keep your makeup on your face.

24 hour Foundation

  1. Skin Prep

Not only is it important to make sure your skin is clean and ready for makeup, but it’s important to prep your skin with a moisturizer. Make sure to start off with a freshly washed face then apply your moisturizer. Moisturizers can be gel or cream form. Gel is more intended for oily skin, while cream form is more intended for dry skin. The reason we apply a mosturizer is because we want our skin to be well feed and as perfect as possible so that our foundaton glided on as smooth as possilbe. Don’t forget your eye area. The eye area requires it’s own cream which is not as thick as any face cream so that it dosen’t clog the super small pores which are around the eyes.

  1. Primer

If you have oily, combination or (very) dry skin then you should never skip this step. Normal skin if you will be very active during the day then I would also recommend a primer. Make sure that whatever primer you use, it’s intended for your skin type. You can also buy neutralizing primers which are intended to neutralize redness, dull skin, dark spots…etc. Using a primer is like an adhesive for your foundation.

  1. Foundation

Foundations are the first thing you apply after you prep your skin, not concealers. After you apply your foundation, you can then see if you need additional coverage and if you do then you move onto concealers. When choosing a foundation, you can choose a true long wear foundation like Revlon colorstay or other more everyday makeup light long wearing foundations L’oreal true match, you can also use a BB or CC cream. No matter what foundation you use. You have to choose the one which is intended for your skin type. This will ensure that it does not wear off fast or faster than it would normally.

  1. Concealer

Concealers are just one step along the way. They have more pigment and are thicker to help the foundation wear off slower. Usually foundation is not strong or opague enough to cover any acne scars or redness. Even if the foundation is opague enough, it might wear off faster on those areas, so a concealer is a must. Use the concealer only on the targeted areas and no where else.

  1. Setting Powder

Setting your foundation is key to making it last the entire day. You can use a pressed powder which is transparent or your skin color. If you use a pressed powder which is your skin color then you are offering your skin more coverage and setting it at the same time. Transparent powder only set your foundation and concealer but do not tamper with the color of your foundations or concealer.

  1. Setting Spray

When setting your foundation for all day long, you want to use a setting spray for everyday makeup and not for bridal or any other use. Bridal setting sprays are very strong and might not let the skin breath as much as it should which could clog your pores. I do recommend using a setting spray like the one which NYX offers. They have a dewy and matte setting spray. I usually get the dewy one since I want my skin to glow.

Hopefully this post was helpful and that you learned something new. Tune in next week for another post related to this topic, how to make your eyeshadow last all day long and not crease, special post for my oily eyelid ladies.


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