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Exclusive Interview: Ashley Gomila

Exclusive Interview with Ashley Gomila

Today we got an exclusive interview with the amazing Make-up Artist Ashley Gomila. You might have seen her work featured on She did the makeup for Skylar Grey’s Grammy Awards 2012. A very dark and sultry makeup look that is very trendy for Fall 2012. I personally thought it was the second best look at the Grammy Awards.

Ashley Gomila is professional makeup artist to celebrities, actresses, models, and a contributor to cover designs and editorial shoots. She was raised in New Orleans and started to work in the industry at a really young age of 16. She movied to New York in 2004 and began working on various campaigns, such as Conde’ Nast & Modern Bride & Between 2006 –  2012 Ashley has worked as a key makeup artist on two Universal Films, Miss USA pageants, People Magazine, Day-time Emmys. One of Ashley Gomila’s recent pieces of work was for nouveau magazine cover with the beautiful Stacey Dash.

Since Ashley is a real busy body we are grateful that she found the time for a short interview!

Exclusive Interview with Ashley Gomila

SmashinBeauty:  What inspired you to become a makeup artist? 

Ashley Gomila: I was initially inspired to become a makeup artist around the age of 9. I became enamored with the makeup for Whitney Houston in “Its Not Right But It’s Okay” music video. From that point on I was pretty obsessed with doing makeup and trying to recreate that look.

SmashinBeauty: Who were your makeup artist role models? 

Ashley Gomila: Being from New Orleans I was inspired mostly by local makeup artists Kevyn Aucoin & Glenn Mosley.

SmashinBeauty:  How did you get started in make-up artistry?

Ashley Gomila: I got started in the makeup industry by working for a New Orleans local fashion photographer, Romney Caruso. His photography work actually was my main source of inspiration to get into working on photoshoot sets.

SmashinBeauty: Make-up artistry requires a lot of creativity, where do you get your inspiration?  

Ashley Gomila: I get the vast majority of inspiration from my team. I always take a good look at what is on the styling rack, paying attention to textures and color.

SmashinBeauty: What are some things that you wish you knew before becoming an Makeup artist?

Ashley Gomila: It would have been great to get a real understanding of the hours involved! I love to work but Ive been on set for 24+ hours before and it can be beyond exhausting. Working on set  is a labor of love for sure.

Smashinbeauty How do you keep your makeup skills up to date?

Ashley Gomila: I always try new products and techniques to stay up to date. Its very important to continue learning and trying new things, trial and error is the best way to learn.

SmashinBeauty: What are some must have makeup products that every makeup artist should have in their kit?   

Ashley Gomila: My kit must have products are:

  • MAC eyeliner in  shade Black Swan
  • Cattiva Cosmetics Pressed Mineral Foundation Powder
  • Nars Blush in shade Douceur
  • DiorShow “Blackout” Mascara
  • Make Up For Ever  HD Powder
  • Faux Lash in style  “Sasha”

SmashinBeauty: What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Ashley Gomila: Everything is a highlight to me, I really enjoy working with my female clients in the music industry. Working on their music video sets and shooting celebrities for magazine covers are the most exciting. I love the day to day editorials and projects as well.

SmashinBeauty: What was your most recent piece of work? 

Ashley Gomila: My most recent work is for Nouveau Magazine which features Stacey Dash on the cover. We went with 1960’s Hollywood Glam for hair and makeup direction and then we also did a Varga Girl ( Pin-Up ) look which was Stacey’s idea. I worked with hair stylist DaRico Jackson on this and I love the outcome.

 SmashinBeauty: Who would you love to work with next?  

Ashley Gomila: Id love to work with Jessica Biel, I think she has a timeless beauty about her.

SmashinBeauty: Any good tips you would give for aspiring makeup artist? 

Ashley Gomila: Yes, keep an eye out for my YouTube Channel! I’ll be taking my viewers behind the scenes of most of my shoots both photo and video. Its going to be a tutorial of how to work on set and will reveal exactly what its like. Follow and subscribe to TheMakeupExpertTV

SmashinBeauty: List some of the most inspiring photographers that you’ve worked with

Ashley Gomila: The most inspiring photographers that Ive worked with are Matt Irwin, Brooke Nipar, Liis Anton, Gavin O’neill, Bruno Talledo, River Clark, David LaChapelle, & Giuliano Bekor.

Make sure to follow Ashley Gomila on her social media sites

Twitter: @TheMakeupExpert
Instagram: @TheMakeupExpert
YouTube Channel: TheMakeupExpertTV

Here are a few pictures of Ashely Gomila’s recent work, It’s marvelous work, indeed!

Ashley Gomila Makeup Artist

Ashley Gomila Makeup Artist

Ashley Gomila Makeup Artist

Ashley Gomila Makeup Artist


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