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Maybelline Master Graphic Liquid Liner

Texture: Liquid, but like a marker

Colour Range: black

Glides one with ease: Yes,

Longevity: depends

Skin Type: For all skin type.

Buy: Local drugstore


Automatically draw the boldest line with the sharpest edge. Pitch black finish. All day wear. This genius eyeliner automatically draws the boldest line with the sharpest edge! For Best Results, use the flat side for bold line. Use the sharp tip for the edges.

The Maybelline master series threw out a new product a while back which I have been testing on and off for a while. This was a PR sample, which I got with a few other Maybelline goodies, but as it goes my schedule is full and some products get postponed to a later time to review. I will be honest and admit I am not a fan of graphic liners, even though I think they would look great for a night out in the town. I am more of a smoky eye girl at the moment. This product is used to draw on bold lines with the sharpest lines, thus the name Maybelline Eye Studio Master Graphic liquid liner.

Maybelline Master Graphic Review Swatches

Maybelline Master Graphic Liquid Liner

When doing a makeup review of any product I receive or buy, I want to know a few important things, pigmentation and longevity. If any of these two fail, the product will not meet my minimum standards and will not even make it onto my blog. I personally do not line pen or marker liners, I never really am sure how to use them and suck at using them since I am used to drawing everything with super thin eyeliner brushes. Ok, so when testing this product I tested it using the thick side and the slim side and here is what I personally thought at first glance and after I used it, so now to the makeup review part of the post.

Maybelline Master Graphic Liquid Liner Makeup Review

After first glance during my makeup review, I can say that it looked promising and that it would be easy. I thought great; the thick side can be used to get a straight thick line, while the thin side to get a thin line. First let me mention the texture. It’s liquidly and a lot of product comes out, what is expected it you want a one stroke eyeliner line. I liked that the right amount of product was dispensed when applying the liner, you can see in the pictures. Keep in mind, due to the amount coming out, you will have to wait a bit for it to dry or it will transfer and smudge right away. If you are in a rush then apply a black eye shadow over or setting powder for a quick fix. The black ink is very black. Even when not trying, I have to admit I did get the promised bold sharp lines, it was not easy to apply a thick line but when I did out of a few tries it was sharp, so this is why I did like the Maybelline Master Graphic liquid liner.

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Graphic Liquid Liner

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Graphic Liquid Liner

Here’s the thing, I had a problem applying a thick side by laying the marker on the thick side and dragging, I feel that if you are not used to markers like eyeliners you will struggle a bit, but I can confirm that if you are used to thin brushes or thin pens for applying eyeliner then you will love the slim side of the marker. I think that this is a good marker and it will offer true bold crisp lines when you understand how to hold the marker the right way. This Maybelline Eye Studio Master Graphic liquid liner surely is not for everyone but if you want to cut your time short and get a thick eyeliner line then you might want to give this guy a try.

Overall the Maybelline Eye Studio Master Graphic liquid liner, does go one smooth and it does offer sharp line, but if you do not let it set, since it’s more watery, then it will move and smudge. Since it’s not waterproof, if you have oily lids or hooded lids then this product might not be for you, it might or will transfer. The marker offers true pointy and precise lines, perfect for a crisp winged eyeliner look, especially a thicker line. You can see in the picture above the eyeliner line which I apply in one stroke using the thin side of the marker, but I did struggle with applying a thick liner with the thicker side in one stroke, but if I did it slower and focused more, I did fine. I think that this is a good eyeliner marker for beginners that want a bit of help with applying eyeliner and getting that sharp line. I personally am more of a makeup brush lover and will reach for that over a marker.

Here is a tutorial which I find online with ideas. I will be making my own video soon.


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