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ELF The Beauty Encyclopedia Lip Palette makeup review & swatches

ELF The Beauty Encyclopedia Lip Palette makeup review & swatches are here and let’s get a rolling. Excuse the picture I will be updating the swatches on my lips as soon as I can. Besides that this palette was really recommended for lipstick lovers and I wanted to test and see what the raving was all about so I went and bought myself the palette on ELF Cosmetic’s website. Their website is very easy to use and they have really good shipping rates and of course cheap products. So now let’s get down to the makeup review so that I can show you if this product is something that you would like to buy for yourself or even maybe for a makeup gift.


ELF The Beauty Encyclopedia Lip Palette Makeup Review

Makeup review of the packaging of the ELF The Beauty Encyclopedia Lip Palette, so the lip palette comes in a small square shaped paper palette that has a plastic foil over the lipsticks so that they stay clean. The palette is a bit to big to be carrying around in a purse but is practical because you have more lipsticks in one space. The palette includes 12 lipstick shades, 2 lip-glosses, 1 lip liner and one lip defining brush. To be honest, it includes everything that you might need to use the entire palette without spending more money on a lip brush or lip liner. The lip liner is a skin tones shade that is universal for all lips and lipsticks, while the brush, being small is still very practical and useful.

ELF The Beauty Encyclopedia Lip Palette

Now testing the texture, longevity and quality of the lipstick palette and lipstick. I can say that the texture of the ELF lipsticks remind me of NYX round lipsticks. They are very smooth and glide on with ease. Just like NYX round lipsticks, they aren’t very long lasting and after a few drinks and a bit eating the lipstick starts to wear. So reapplying this lipstick is required throughout the day or night. The lipstick is hydrating what is excellent for summer and winter days and nights. The overall quality is decent and very similar to NYX round lipsticks but I would say that NXY round lipsticks are just a bit better quality then ELF lipstick palette. The lipstick palette is an excellent investment for aspiring makeup artist that need to practice since you will get a wide range of lip colors (yes even orange unlike with the Graftobian lip palette). If you like to have lipstick that reminds you or lip balm or want something cheaper but similar to NYX round lipstick, or if you want a wide range of lipsticks for an excellent price then get the ELF The Beauty Encyclopedia Lip Palette. 

Makeup Review Conclusion: ELF The Beauty Encyclopedia Lip Palette

To complete this makeup review of ELF The Beauty Encyclopedia Lip Palette, I have to say that overall this is not the best lip palette that I have worked with, but again considering the price I have to say that the quality was good. I would recommend this palette to teen and preteens that like to wear makeup since they ingredients are good and the makeup is not aggressive for younger skin. This palette is an excellent starting palette that I also recommend for people that want to experience with lipstick in order to find lipstick shades that would look good on them or even on their clients. I personally use this palette on a day base and expect updated swatches very soon.
(top) row one in swatch picture (palette picture above,  bottom row)
(middle) row 2 in swatch picture (palette picture, middle row)
(bottom row) row 3 in swatch picture ( palette picture, top row)
swatched from left to right starting with the darkest color in row 1 / far left (dark brown color)

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