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RCMA 5 series foundation palettes swatches & makeup review

Coverage: Light – Heavy Coverage

Texture: Cream

Color Range: everyone under the sun and even more.

Finish: matte

Weight (on the skin): You do not feel the foundation at all.

Longevity: 12+ hours of flawless second skin coverage.

Skin Type: For all skin type


  • Sample size $3,99
  • Foundation container – $27 (before PRO discount)
  • 5 part series foundation palette – $30 (before PRO discount)
  • VK foundation palette – $72 (before PRO discount)
  • Large economy palette – $240 (before PRO discount)

Buy: (best deal, especially for PROS)


  • 07oz – SAMPLE
  • 1 oz – Foundation container
  • 5oz (0.125oz per pan) – 5 part series foundation palettes
  • VK foundation palette
  • 18oz – Large Economy palette


Vincent Kehoe of the Research Council of Makeup Artists created the legendary RCMA Foundation. A professional, highly pigmented, blendable cream base that is formulated without perfume, mineral oil or lanolin, RCMA Foundation is ideal for photography, film and anywhere high-definition quality is needed with a finish that feels light enough for everyday wear as well.

  • Made with a 50% pigment ratio to waxes and oils for high coverage with little product (liquid foundation only contain 18% pigment, theatrical 30%).
  • Contains only vegetable oils, pure waxes and FDA approved colors
  • No perfumes or lanolin
  • No petrolatum or mineral oils
  • Applies like a second skin
  • No heavy coat of foundation
  • Long lasting coverage with little-to-no touch-up
  • No caking or separating
  • Low halation = no powdering is required on dry skin types

RCMA 5 Part Series Foundation Palette Shinot Olive

For my makeup review of my two RCMA 5 series foundation palettes in Shinto and Olive. I wanted to mention that I got one as a PR sample while I bought the other one. I was anyway going to buy both palettes but I got lucky and was able to get my hands on one of them as a PR product. I have read and heard many PRO makeup artist rave about this product and that no kit is complete without RCMA foundations. I will also be reviewing the RCMA highlight and contour palette so make sure to check in next week. If you do like cream foundations, make sure to check out my other cream foundations reviews from various brands such as Graftobian, Cinema Secrets, Mehron Celebre Pro.

RCMA foundation review

I contacted CRC makeup, to get some PRO advice as to what palettes I should get. I wanted to get the 5 series palette but now looking back, I should have gotten the RCMA VK foundation palette since that would have been a better option for me as a makeup artist. If you are looking to buy the RCMA foundation for personal use, then I recommend to get the 5 series foundation palettes since they are idea for contouring and highlight and finding your ideal skin tone. As you already know, CRC makeup offers also sample pots (mini containers) what is excellent for sampling and testing out shades, even if you are a makeup lover or makeup artist.

RCMA 5 Part Series Foundation Palette Olive Swatches Review

RCMA 5 series foundation palette swatches

Within this post you can see swatches of RCMA 5 series foundation palette in Shinto and Olive. The funny thing about the olive palette is that it is not olive. When we think olive we think of a green undertone in the foundation. While the shinto palette is a mix of yellow and olive undertone. Using the two palettes I can cover a wide range of skin tones between cool, neutral, warm and olive ranging from light to medium dark skin tones. If I bought the large sample palette then I would have an even wider range of colors to work with ranging from fair to dark skin tones. Looking at the texture and the feeling of the foundation on the skin. The foundation requires to be warmed up before you apply it. The foundation is dry but not as dry as let’s say Kryolan Dermacolor. If you do not have the time to warm up the product or want to sheer it down to a very thin consistency then you will need to buy their RCMA thinner.

Review RCMA foundation

To complete this review of RCMA foundation, I wanted to mention that I was reviewing he palettes for sometime on my clients. I just recently started using it on myself and found out that once applied and blended into the skin, it looks like second skin. Even though RCMA is intended for all skin types, I find that it works best on normal to oily skin. If you have dry to very dry skin, you will need to prep the skin very well and since RCMA foundation is a true matte foundation, you will not need to set the foundation. Even with a thin layer, it covers most imperfections. If you have any other imperfections, make sure to use more products only on the targeted area. To make the foundation last almost all day long, especially on oily skins, make sure to set it with the RCMA loose powder or any other setting powder. After applying only a thin layer of foundation, my face was matte the entire day. After around 10 hours, I did notice that the foundation faded in certain areas (keep in mind I only applied a thin layer), but it was still in place. This is the most natural, true skin tone, looking foundation I have ever used. I plan to have this foundation in my kit forever. That is how much I love it. No kit is complete without it.

RCMA 5 Part Series Foundation Palette Shinto Swatches


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