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NYX One Night In Morocco Beauty Product Review

The NYX One Night in Morocco Smokey Eye Palette Beauty Product Review is ready finally after having and using this palette for almost a year. I know how excited I was about this palette. I am a huge NYX fan since they are pretty cheap with their prices and they are a quite good quality brand. The NYX One Night in Morocco Palette Beauty Product Review is going to show you why I loved this palette and why I consider it to be a must have palette for everyone on the budget. I am constantly on the search for cheap or drug store brands that have good pigmentation. Since most beauty products can only last 2 years max I’m careful as to where I leave my money. So read on for NYX One Night in Morocco Smokey Eye Palette Beauty Product Review

NYX One Night in Morocco Smokey Eye Palette PROS

The NYX One Night in Morocco Smokey Eye Palette beauty product review is pretty small and excellent for transporting and traveling purpose. The palette contains the perfect smokey eye shades. The best thing about it is that all the NYX one night in morocco shades are matte meaning that this palette is perfect for all ages. This beauty product review palette has an excellent quality of pigmentation even thought you cannot really see that on the pictures. I had camera problems. These eyeshadow are the best, at least for me, NYX eyeshadows that NYX has every launched. It’s hard to find good matte shadows that are from a cheaper brand but that have good pigmentation. I am not sure if you can buy these NYX beauty product review shades individually.

NYX One Night in Morocco Smokey Eye Palette Beauty Product Review CONS

NYX One Night in Morocco Smokey Eye Palette beauty product review cons would be that the shadows have residue. Each time you touch them, just like the wet n wild palettes, the shadow has fall outs. This is why the NYX shadow base on the long run is unusable. I basically did not use the base ever since the fall outs fell into the shadow base and basically destroyed it. The NYX base is not good I do not use it. The beauty product review NYX lip glosses that come with the palette  are decent. They aren’t the best that I have used but they last a bit. The shades are perfect since you do not want anything that is to bright with a smokey eye. From time to time I use the lip glosses with my other makeup tutorials just to get a glossy look but overall I really in general do not use my lip glosses. I am pleased with the texture of the glosses but the glosses are not as good as the ones that you get in the NYX lip gloss tubes. So this completes the beauty product review NYX one night in morocco palette.

NYX One Night in Morocco Smokey Eye Palette Beauty Product Review Conclusion

Looking at the pros and cons this NYX beauty product review gets flying colors. I highly recommend this palette to people that are on a budget and do not want to spent a lot of money on eyeshadows. I do know that it’s still not comparable with high end brands such as MAC, Inglot and others but this NYX beauty product review smokey eye palette deserves to be in everyone’s kit. When you apply a white base the colors truly pop and get noticed. Without a base the colors are a bit less pigmented but again quit well pigmented even without a base. So that’s it! If you have any questions concerning this palette feel free to ask anything about this NYX One Night in Morocco Smokey Eye Palette beauty product review.

NYX one night in morocco matte smokey eye palette with NO base on natural sunlight 


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