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Venetian Carnival Mask Makeup Tutorial (collaboration with Petra Kozina)

Face mask mardi gras lace 2

Today’s makeup tutorial is Venetian Carnival Mask 2013, a collaboration with Petra Kozina. We decided that since it was the carnival we would collaborate and create some very creative Venetian inspired carnival masks. Petra’s mask is amazing and you can find the link to here venetian carnival mask when you click here. You can see the makeup look below since I have included it into the post so you can see it too! The tutorial will also be included right below my carnival masks tutorial. Don’t forget to give her and I, a thumb up on youtube and favor the videos if you liked them that much and I hope you do! Don’t forget to subscribe to Petra and I if you haven’t already!

Venetian Carnival Mask Makeup 2013

To get down to the point! I will include a step by step tutorial so that you can also see how to do it step by step! The reason for this is that some people prefer to see each step so that they can get a concept of what happens. The products that I used will be listed below. The Venetian Carnival Mask makeup tutorial 2013, is not to be followed blindly but rather as an inspiration as to how one mask might look like. My mask was inspired by face lace mask, which can be found in leather and sticker form. I really like the sticker form but since I know my skin I know it wouldn’t stick, that is why I wanted to try something new a face lace mask but with face paint.

Mardi Gras Lace Mask 2 Face Painting Makeup Tutorial Halloween 2013

Carnival Face Lace Mask Makeup Tutorial 2013

Here are the makeup products that I used for my Venetian Carnival Mask makeup tutorial 2013. If you would like to know what makeup products Petra used please visit her youtube channel and open the info box for more details. And now it’s time to give a very short but helpful (or atleast I hope it is) tutorial on how to achieve this look. Remember be creative change things to create your own unique Venetian Carnival Mask or better said lace mask.

Carnival Mask Makeup Tutorial Petra Kozina SmashinBeauty face mask face painting

Venetian Carnival Mask Makeup Products:

Step By Step tutorial

  1. Define eye brows with NYX red lip liner
  2. Set NYX lip liner with Inglot matte red eyeshadow
  3. Apply red base on the eyelids Lush Cosmetics red lipstick
  4. Set with Inglot red eye shadow
  5. blend edges with Inglot pink eye shadow
  6. define crease with Inglot red eye shadow
  7. apply Illamasqua Intrigue (white eye shadow) on brow bone
  8. With Urban Decay Blackout (black eye shadow) define crease & outer V and blend well
  9. Apply Inglot red eye shadow on lower lid and blend
  10. apply Bourjois Black khol on waterline
  11. apply Illamasqua Intrigue (white eye shadow) on tear duct
  12. Highlight check bones with Illamasqua liquid metal surge
  13. apply glitter adhesive then NYX red glitter and then Inglot clear glitter
  14. Apply Essence cream eye liner and then false dramatic lashes
  15. with snazaroo black face paint define how large your mask is
  16. draw thick and defined edges of the face lace mask with black face paint
  17. define the center of your face and then draw the rest of the mask to seem threaded
  18. Define your lips and fill them in with NYX purple jumbo pencil
  19. apply Flormar lipgloss
  20. You are done!


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