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How to apply bronzer (shimmer bronzer)

Today’s makeup 101 or better-said makeup for beginners is how to apply bronzer (shimmer bronzer). I am using a drugstore bronzer since when I find a good bronzer I have a hard time letting it go. Unlike many people I love shimmery bronzers and prefer them to matte bronzers. I find that shimmery bronzers enhance your face and eyes much better than a matte bronzer. The trick with shimmery bronzers is to know how to use them the correct way. Most people don’t know that there is a big difference in how to use a matte and shimmer bronzer. There are bronzers that are semi-matte which also have a special way of how they can be used.

How to apply a shimmer bronzer? The correct way!

Now, the bronzer that I will be using today is my favorite limited edition bronzer Essence Sun Club bronzer that has a bit of shimmer in it and it my ultimate and most loved summer bronzers. You can read more about it in the detailed review and swatches of the Essence Sun Club bronzer. Besides that I will be posting next week another Bronzer tutorial where I show you how to use a matte bronzer in a few different ways to show you how to achieve different sun kissed looks and a dewy summer “fake tan” effect, so make sure to check back on Tuesday for another lesson in my makeup 101 – makeup for beginners tutorials. Make sure to check out my YouTube playlist for my makeup for beginners’ videos after you saw my how to apply a shimmer bronzer

How to apply bronzer Shimmer bronzer matte bronzer essence sun club bronzer

How to apply a bronzer? Leave your personal advice below!

Now, enjoy my latest tutorial and leave a comment below telling me how to you apply your bronzer? Do you like or prefer matte or shimmery bronzers? What is your favorite brand for bronzers? Do you use bronzers all year around or just during summer?



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