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Makeup tricks for fuller lips

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A lot of Sigma Beauty and Makeup Geek users have posted questions on how to use Makeup for fuller lips. Every woman would like to have nice plump and full lips, but not many of them have the Angelina Jolie pouted lips that they want. However, they should not despair, there are ways to use makeup to enhance the plumpness of your lips, and make your thin lips look bigger, plumper, and fuller. Instead of paying a plastic surgeon to enhance the size of your lips, Sigma Beauty and Makeup Geek users can do it in a natural way, and save their money (with out coupon codes). Using Makeup tricks for fuller lips is akin to creating an illusion of lips that are fuller than they appear. Using bright and dark colors draw too much attention to the mouth, earth tones and neutral colors will make thin lips even less visible than they already are. The best color choice for women with thin lips is pink. Using a pink lipstick and adding a dab of gloss over it will create the illusion of fullness.

Makeup tricks – lip categories

Women with small lips can either fall into the category of women with too thin lips, or women with too narrow lips. If someone has too narrow lips, then her goal is to create an illusion that her lips are wider. This can be achieved by using a lip-liner pencil. The lip-liner pencil is used to draw a line around the lips, extending the line for a small amount around the sides of the lips, that way making them wider. Then the lipstick is applied. Women who have too thin lips have the goal of making their lips appear to have more volume. This is also achieved with lip-liner, but the line should stay close to the lips. The color of the lip-liner pencil should be one to two shades lighter than the lip-gloss or lipstick that will be used.

Makeup tricks for fuller lips – tips

A great Fuller lips makeup tip is for the thin lipped women to apply petroleum jelly over their lipstick. Petroleum jelly is thicker than lip gloss and has a plumping effect on lips. Another way to get more plum lips is to apply liquid foundation or concealer on the lips before adding the lipstick. This will build volume, but could also make the lips feel as if they had layers of mud on them, so this technique should only be used for special occasions, not as a daily makeup routine.

Makeup for fuller lips – lip glosses

Makeup tricks can help anyone get fuller lips that look like Scarlett Johansson’s plump lips. Using these tips will make any thin lips appear thicker, plumper and fuller, and no surgery or lip fillers are necessary at all. Certain lip glosses are available on the market, which are plumping lip glosses. What they do is they dilate the blood vessels in the user’s lips and case temporary swelling, giving the lips a plumper look and feeling. Some lip glosses achieve this by reflecting light that makes the lips appear fuller.


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