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Tinted moisturizers vs BB creams vs CC creams vs DD Creams vs Foundation What Is the Difference?


If you are new to makeup or even a long time wearer, then you know that every time you enter a makeup shop you see bottle and bottle of coloured fluids you are recommended to put on your face. Even as a professional makeup artist, I sometimes wonder what is a better option not only for myself but also for my clients for specific events. Many of you started off with foundations and then along came tinted moisturisers and now the latest, BB and CC creams and latest new additional DD creams. I am a fan of BB creams and have yet to try CC and DD creams on myself. So let’s get down to today’s post Tinted moisturisers vs. BB creams vs. CC creams vs. DD creams vs. foundations.

Tinted moisturisers vs. BB creams vs. CC creams vs. DD Creams vs. Foundation

So let’s start explaining the differences between Tinted moisturizers vs. BB creams vs. CC creams vs. DD creams vs. foundations. The first thing that I will start explaining in my 101 makeup break down. The first is a tinted moisturizer, then BB, CC and DD creams and last foundation. So let’s find out what each product is supposed to do? What is the difference between each of these color fluids? And which one should you use?!

Tinted moisturisers

What are Tinted moisturisers? The name itself is are pretty self-explanatory. The product’s base is a moisturizer that has a small amount of tint, it very lightly evens out your skin tone but it’s main purpose it to moisturizer you skin. You can see my review of one of the most loved tinted moisturizers from Laura Mercier. I stopped using it since these moisturizers are usually intended for normal to very dry or dry skin types.

BB Creams

Asian launched BB creams and then the rest of the world followed really soon with the trend. What are CC creams? BB creams have been very popular for the past 3 or more years internationally. The beauty blogger and vlogger community was ordering their favorite BB creams from Asia. The most popular and original BB creams are from Skin79, I have written a review on a few Skin79 BB creams. BB creams actually means Beauty Balm. The main purpose of them is to prime, moisturize, even out skin tone, SPF, flawless and smooth skin finish. Most Asian brand BB creams have whitening skin effects and this is why I prefer to buy my BB creams from the Asian market since my skin tone is pretty light and I have scaring on my skin from acne so I want to whiten my skin and nourishing it and then do mild coverage. BB creams are lighter than most foundations, so this is a big plus if you don’t like to feel the foundation on your skin. If you decided to use a BB cream that has a whitening effect make sure to use a higher SPF and I personally do not recommend using any products that have whitening effect during the summer period. Go for BB creams if you want a better version of tinted moisturizer. BB creams are made to suit every skin type individually.

CC Creams

What are CC creams? CC stands for “correct and cover” or “conceal and correct”. CC creams are similar to BB creams but they also include anti-aging effects. CC creams even out the skin tone, is oil-free and more lightweight on the skin (even more than BB creams) and hydrates the skin. CC creams contain more nourishing ingredients, vitamin E and anti-oxidants due to its anti-aging purposes, and it also to diffuse redness or sallowness. CC creams also contain a much higher SPF of 50. Bas I wrote earlier, most BB creams for the Asian market contained whitening agents, while BB creams of the European market did not contain them. CC creams do contain whitening agents since they are diffusing and diminishing and spots and imperfections. BB creams have less of skin care benefits than CC creams.The texture of CC creams is more “watery” than BB creams. The coverage power of CC creams is fuller than of BB creams, but this will depend on the brand rather than the CC cream, since some brands make their CC creams with lighter coverage. The downside of CC creams is that they so far only come in three shades. CC creams are best for people that are looking for color correction and if you have ageing skin, skin with flawless that need evening out and whitening effect. CC creams are best for sensitive and oily skin.

DD Creams

The latest new coming tinted fluids are DD creams. Now, what are DD creams? The DD stands for disguise and diminish or “dynamic do all” or “daily defense”. DD creams “do all”, they focus on anti-aging, reduce fine lines, even out skin, give a smooth finish, and contain SPF and hydrate. DD creams unlike BB and CC creams have build-able coverage and are supposing to primer and perfect. In November 2012, the cosmetics industry released news about DD creams. As I wrote about, DD creams have very similar focus as BB and CC creams but unlike them DD creams are not targeted on your complexion but rather on your body and feet. The texture of the DD creams will be much thicker than the other creams. S, DD creams is for people that want to hydrate and nourish they body while providing coverage.


Foundation, since will all know what it is but comparing it to tinted moisturizers, BB creams and CC creams I wanted to mention the obvious difference between them. Even though the purpose and overall ingredients in foundations is changing with each year and they are becoming more like BB and CC creams there are still differences. Foundations come in dozens of shades unlike BB and CC creams. Foundations can come with or without SPF. They are used to provide light to full coverage. There are foundations for all skin types. Some foundation even contains nourishing ingredients. But Foundation in my own professional and personal opinion are more long lasting and offer better coverage than any tinted moisturizer or BB and CC creams. BB and CC creams can be used as primer on the skin before you apply your foundation. Foundations are intended for all skin types and skin tones.

Tinted moisturisers vs. BB creams vs. CC creams vs. DD Creams vs. Foundation

To conclude today’s post tinted moisturizers vs. BB creams vs. CC creams vs. DD creams vs. foundations, tinted moisturizers are excellent for younger (14 – 25) skin tones (normal to more dry skin types), BB creams are excellent for skin that has minimum flawless and need minimal coverage but need a bit more nourishing than younger skin (24+), and CC creams are for skin that need help and color correction. This is more for ageing skin (25+) and sensitive to oily skin tones, which have scaring, fine lines and other imperfections.

What do you like to use? Tinted moisturizers? BB creams? CC creams? or Foundation?



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