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Best Black Eye Shadow (Urban Decay, Sigma Beauty, Makeup Geek, Sleek Makeup, Wet N Wild, Coastal Scents, Essence, Flormar)

It’s time for one of my favorite posts ever, the best black eye shadow showdown. Comparing all the black eye shadows that I have gotten and bought through out the past year, I wanted to swatch the eye shadows (using no eye shadow base) and show you how each one passed the swatch test. I will not be writing a review of the products that I am mentioning since for most of them there are already detailed reviews so make sure to check it them out, each of the names will have click-able links for the review. OK, so let’s get down to the information on which brands that I will be testing:

  1. Urban Decay Naked 2 – Blackout
  2. Sigma Beauty – Control
  3. Sigma Beauty Paris Makeup Palette
  4. Makeup Geek – corrupt (swatches 1swatches 2, swatches 3, swatches 4)
  5. Sleek Makeup – Original Palette (coming soon)
  6. Sleek Makeup – Acid Palette (coming soon)
  7. Wet N Wild – Blue Had me at hello
  8. Coastal Scents – 28 Neutral Palette
  9. Essence – Vampire Love Palette – Love at first bite (coming soon)
  10. NYX matte smokey look one night in Morocco
  11. Flormar – 05 palette

Best Black Eye Shadow Showdown

The first batch of eye shadows for my best black eye shadow showdown, are Flormar, NYX, Essence, Sigma Beauty and Wet N Wild. The second batch is Urban Decay, Sigma Beauty Paris Palette, Coastal Scents, Sleek Makeup, Sleep Makeup and Makeup Geek. After these two batches than I made a final test where from each batch I took the most pigmented black eye shadows and compared them in a final test mentioning my favorite black eye shadows from least to most pigmented in my personally and professional opinion.

black eye shadow flormar NYX Essence Sigma Beauty WetNWild

First Batch Best Black Eye Shadow Showdown

In the first batch, you can see from left to right the following swatches Flormar Palette #05, NYX Matte Smokey Eye One night in morocco palette, Essence Vampire Love – love at first bite, Sigma Beauty Control and Wet N Wild Blue had me at hello (one glitter and one matte eye shadow). As you can see the least pigmented was Flormar and the best pigmented out of this batch was Sigma Beauty Control and right next to it WNW. I decided that I would only take two shadows; the Sigma Beauty’s Control black matte eye shadows to the final round and the Wet N Wild matte black eye shadows which you can see is also well pigmented unlike the glitter black from the same Wet N Wild palette.

Black Eye Shadow Urban Decay Blackout Sigma Beauty Coastal Scents Sleek Makeup Makeup Geek Corrupt

Second Batch Best Black Eye Shadow Showdown

In the second batch from left to right, you can see the following black eye shadow swatches from Urban Decay Naked 2, Sigma Beauty Paris Makeup Palette, Coastal Scents 28 neutral palette, Sleek Makeup Original Palette, Sleek makeup Acid palette, and Makeup Geek eye shadow in corrupt. As you can see the least pigmented eye shadows are from Coastal Scents 28 neutral palette and Sleek Makeup Acid Palette. While the most or better-said best pigmented are Urban Decay Naked 2 – blackout and Makeup Geek Corrupt.

Best Black Eye Shadow Urban Decay Blackout Sigma Beauty Control Makeup Geek Corrupt Wet N Wild Blue Had Me at Hell Swatches Review

The Best Black Eye Shadows

Now for the final black eye shadow showdown moment, I decided to compare my final 4 best black eye shadows Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, Makeup Geek Eye Shadow – corrupt, Sigma Beauty eye shadow– Control and Wet N Wild – Blue had me at hello palette. I swatched the black eye shadows in this order: UD 2, Sigma Beauty, Makeup Geek and Wet N Wild. Now looking at the swatches you can notice that all of the eye shadows are very similar and there are only mild differences. As you can see the undertone and richness of the Urban Decay Naked 2 (blackout) eye shadow and Makeup Geek (corrupt) eye shadow are almost identical while the Sigma Beauty is a little bit darker and richer than Wet N Wild.

To conclude this best black eye shadow showdown, I wanted to state my personally favorites. Here are my personally favorites in this particular order:

  1. Makeup Geek – Corrupt
  2. Sigma Beauty – Control (less fall outs than UD 2)
  3. Urban Decay Naked 2 – Blackout (deeper pigmentation than (Sigma Beauty but more fall outs)
  4. Wet N Wild – Blue had me at hello (most fall outs)

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