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If you read my previous post, how to start a beauty blog, and stick to those very basic rules in no time your blog will get many new and regular readers. Regular readers are what keep your blog a float. Here are a few basic tips on what you need to keep your readers coming back.

  1. Be unique

It’s almost blog life important to keep your blog updated with interesting content. No reader will come back and read your blog if you do not have unique content. They want to read your opinions and see what you find interesting. Keeping your content fresh is what will help your blog grow.

  1. Blogger networks & forums

If you are truly new to the blogger world then you might not know about various blogger networks. It’s important to become part of the blogger world and not just blog. Remember it’s a blogger community and the more you connect the more you will be read. So join a few networks, forums and sites where you can share your opinions, meet other bloggers and let people know who you are and what you are about.

  1. Blog rolls & linking parties

Blog rolls have been around since day one. Blog rolls are links to similar blogs you read and link. Usually blog rolls are linked in a special page on your blog or in the sidebar. The most important thing is that you keep this blog roll short but not to short. You can exchange blog roll links with blogger friends or just add links to blogs you really like.

Linking parties, as I like to call them, are usually a group of around 10 – 20 blogs that exchange links on a weekly base. Usually one blogger writes up a post linking to those blogs and the most interesting article they had that week. I personally love linking parties and find most of my reading material in that matter.

  1. Social networking

Being active on Twitter and Facebook will probably earn you very loyal readers. People love to interact with their favorite blogger. They love to ask question or maybe even get more additional information concerning a specific post. If you are already using social media sites then interact with your readers. Also, many bloggers have special blogger groups on social media sites where they meet up and interact once a month, to share tips and tricks and interesting reading material.

  1. Comments matter

Never forget that the blogger world is based on interaction. It’s a very small over saturated community that loves to interact. Commenting is one of the best ways to show another blogger that you read them regularly and support their blog. I personally try to leave a comment on any article that I have read. I want the blogger to know that I did find the time to read their article and that I enjoyed it.

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