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How To Choose The Perfect Blush Shade (all skin tones)

How to choose the perfect blush shade

When it comes to the perfect blush shade, it always seems to be that next one on the shelf. If you ever wanted to know how to choose the perfect blush shade without struggling and going through all those pricy blushes, I will show you one of many tricks on how to find the perfect blush shade. Make sure to watch my video below for the best and most practical tip on how to choose the perfect blush shade for all skin tones. It’s something that many of you might have not heard but it works fool proof everytime, I am guarantee it! Since it helps me at work when I am going for that no makeup makeup look.

How To Choose The Correct Blush Shade

In order to choose the correct blush shade is quite easy, I know alot of you are like, not it’s not easy! But here are a few fool proof tips. Tip number one, the blush should always reflect your lips undertone. That undertone will be the perfect shade for your cheeks. As many of you might have seen, there are many shades of blush, lighter and darker. If you bought a shade to dark or too light for your skin tone do not toss is out, use it! You can use it to contour or highlight your cheeks. Tip number two, would be to pick up a few blushes and just place then near your face and look at yourself in the mirror. Which blush looks most complimenting and seems most natural will be the perfect shade for your skin tone.

Perfect Blush Shade For All Skin tones

When choosing the perfect blush shade, applying the blush is as important as the correct shade. It’s important that you choose the right makeup brush. This is why I always recomment the Sigma Beauty F40 large contour brush. This is a must have brush in your makeup kit, not only is it great fo contouring but it’s perfect for applying blush and powder highlighters. Another tips would be to choose a blush shade that compliments your hair colour. Women and men with more orange hair tend to look great with orange toned blushes that compliment their hair colour. Another makeup tip for the perfect blush shade for all skin tones, would be that you choose a blush that compliments your skin’s undertone. This is possibly mandatory. Not only do you have to find a shade that is not to light nor to dark but a shade that has your skin’s undertone. If you do not know which undertone you have make sure to check out my video tutorial on how to find your skin’s undertone. The second to last tip would be to choose a blush shade that will make your eyes stand out, for example peach blush shades draw attention to blue eyes, while pink with violet undetones draw attention to hazel eyes.

Makeup tips & tricks – perfect blush shades

As you read above, there are many tricks on how to choose the perfect blush shade for all occasions. I do have one more trick on my sleeve. Make sure to watch the video for a fool proof trick on how to choose the perfect and most ideal blush shade for your skin tone for that no makeup makeup look or your everyday makeup look. If you are still unclear on what blush shade to choose, I will recommend a few blush shades below so continue to read this post. If you really liked this post, make sure to share it with your friends. I would appriciate it!

If you are unclear as to what shade to choose, I do advise you get the blush professional blush palette (picture above) which contains all blush shades for all skin tones and is honestly not only affordable but a good investment.

Leave a comment below telling me your favorite blush shade.

Blush shade based on eye colors:

  • blue – peach shades
  • green – pink shades
  • brown – berry hues
  • hazel eyes  – pink with violet undertones

Blush shades base on skin tone

  • very fair skin – yellow shades
  • fair skin – pink shades
  • medium skin – amber shades
  • medium to dark skin – rosy shades
  • dark skin – cool bright pink shades
  • ebony – warm tangerine shades 


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