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How To remove / take off dark Halloween makeup

Today I am going to show you how to remove / take off dark Halloween makeup. I got a request many times asking me to show how I take off my Halloween makeup so I said you know what, that is a great idea since the darker the makeup the harder it is to take off. I wanted to show you how I take off my makeup in a few very simple steps. It doesn’t require much, but taking off you dark Halloween makeup in this matter will guarantee that you will take off all your makeup and nothing will be left on your face so you can without any worry apply your face creams and be 100% sure that you took off all the makeup that you applied earlier.

How To remove / take off dark Halloween makeup

Make sure to check out my Halloween makeup tutorials for 2013. Please also if you find the time, please vote for me for the TOP Halloween Guru on Ryan Seacrest competition. I was, to my honest surprise, contacted directly by E! Entertainment and youtube that they wanted to share my video on their site. i was very happy and said yes feel free to use my video.  No to get back on track, I will list below what products I mentioned and used in the video. Feel free to use anything similar that you have. I will have a few upcoming reviews next week so make sure to bookmark my website and check back for my makeup reviews and now on to the How to remove dark Halloween makeup.

How To take off dark Halloween makeup

Products mentioned


  • Toni

    So informative! I have tried using sensitive eye makeup remover and my eyes have still swollen up. How reliable is the Nivea sensitive solution?

    • SmashinBeauty

      I think it’s the same as most eye makeup removers but I do think it’s not as aggressive as others. If your eyes swell up, you might actually be allergic to an ingredient.

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