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How to: Sigma Makeup Brushes Brow Design: Chloé

How To: Sigma Makeup Brushes Chloé Brow Design

A New Sigma Makeup Brushes Brow Design tutorial is here. Today I am writing on how to use the Chloé brow shadow. The color is a bit darker than Bella brow shadow and is ideal for creating a softer and delicate effect. The Sigma Makeup brushes Chloé brow shadow is ideal for anyone with light brows or someone that has lighter eyebrows. Today you will see how to get perfect eye brows with Sigma Makeup Brushes Brow Design Kit.

Sigma Makeup Brushes Chloé Brow Design

Sigma Makeup Brushes Brow Design Chloé brow shadow is perfect for anyone that just wants to give their brows a very soft and warm appearance. If you have naturally redish blonde or auburn hued hair this shade is for you. Even though this shade can be used on anyone that wants to give their eyebrows a warmer look. This Sigma Makeup Brushes brow design brow shadow will give you a light effect, here is a step by step tutorial using the brand new Sigma Makeup Brushes Brow Design Kit

Step by Step Sigma Makeup Brushes Chloé Brow Design

1.  Use a brow stencil to mark out your eyebrow shape.
2. Fill in brows with Chloé brow powder using the E75 angled brow brush in your kit.
3. Finish the look by blending the shimmer highlight pencil onto brow bone.

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